Friday, September 03, 2010


I have mentioned these videos before and they are just so fun. "Nancy Today" is such a heartwarming lady, and welcomes you in to her home everyday to share her home with all of us. She does cooking, shopping, cleaning and so many other topics on her videos. Her humer and take on life is just precious. I sure wish she was my neighbor:) Here is one of the videos. Check it out! I guarantee you have never seen eggs cooked like this....LOL. I hope you enjoy this video and all you have to do is google her and I think she has something like over 6,000 youtube videos up. LOVE THEM!!

Tonight, I am going to make a Shepard's pie for dinner. I will also have a salad to go along side of that. Last night with the chicken I made, I also made macaroni and cheese, corn and a salad:)

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

P.S. still working on getting all the laundry put away..LOL

ETA: Scroll down my side bar to turn my music off:) so you can hear the video:)


Mari said...

You are right - I've never seen anything like this before. She is a hoot!

The Lady of the House said...

I cannot believe my eyes. Thanks for sharing! My mother-in-law will love it.

Neat coincidence -- I have shepherd's pie planned sometime for this week, too. I'll have to check the menu!

Jodi said...

Well, Nancy is certainly unique - that's for sure! ;o)

Hey - I used Kaboom on your recommendation. It's a winner! Thanks for the product review.

Hope all is well with you and yours. I'm guessing your little lady Alexis is back in school now. Summer just passes to quickly, doesn't it.

Hugs to you!