Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I went grocery shopping yesterday, and as always, I read every label everytime. Something what was safe today, may not be safe tomorrow. I just go about my business at the store, never thinking anyone is ever watching me. After comparing Blueberry bars, I picked the Kellogs brand and put the other brand back. One was safe the other was not, and my sweet boy LOVES blueberry bars :) Then I was onto the cereal...I was finished with that isle and on to the next, as I was turning onto the next isle, a woman, called out to me..Miss??? Miss??? I stopped and looked at her and smiled, and she told me she had noticed me comparing items and told me that I had passed up a better deal on Blueberry soon as she said that, I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. Silly I know! People actually see me comparing items, and all the while, think I am trying to figure out the better price, the more healthy, etc....No one really realizes I am doing this to keep my child alive and safe. I explained to her, I had to read all ingredients to make sure it was a safe product for my child. We talked awhile and I shared my peanut story...and I could actually see tears well up in her eyes....she then said, "Bless your heart", I know she meant it, she hugged me and said she would keep me and my sweet boy in her prayers. I just wanted to share the compassion of someone I met picking out blueberry bars of all things. I may never see her again, but her hug and prayers meant so much to me :) Thank you kind lady!!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a neat story, Julieann!