Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have some photos of Little Kevin of when he had his allergy testing.  I keep going back and forth on weather to post them.  They are rather shocking and heartbreaking.  I think maybe if I post them, I can make just one more person "get" what my child (and so many other precious children) is going through and be more understanding, that this is a very serious allergy, and then another part of me, wants to keep the photos private.  Let me just say, that even if I never share these photos, it was a truly heartbreaking and surreal moment in my life, seeing the welts on my child's back. I live and breath peanuts and treenuts daily.  I have to make sure not just food is safe, but everything is safe, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners, everything that we come into contact too.  When we go shopping I have to thoroughly wipe down the shopping cart, just in case some peanut product opened in the cart.....Everytime, he wants to try something, the fear of cross contamination is always in the back of my mind.  ALWAYS having the EPI-PEN with me and him.  His peanut allergy bracelet on.  Having to read every ingredient on every product I buy, EVERYTIME.  Products change daily, something that was safe yesterday, may not be safe today.  He can never drink from a water fountain, so bottled water is our friend and always with him. 

Please, I beg all of you that read here, and have children at school, please leave the peanut/treenut products at home.  Please bring nut free birthday snacks, PLEASE!!!  I understand, that your child loves certain nut products, and that is so wonderful, my other children did too.  BUT, you all have choices, your child can eat all these at home, while my child doesn't have that choice, he can NEVER have a peanut/treenut product, ever and he has no control if a child at school eats a PB and J sandwich and touches him.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find it in your heart for me, I don't ever ask anything from dear readers and friends, but I am begging you, please leave the peanut/treenut products at home, it could save a life!!!

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