Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday and Laundry :)

Bought this new Downey Unstopables today.
I would have bought the Gain kind, but they didn't have a matching sent for the Gain....

I just finsihed a load of my husband's jeans and they smell so nice :)

 I also bought Gain today, becuase my SIL said it works great :)
...and it did.

I have ALL Mighty too

Lavender Snuggles

These are mine and Little K's...we both have very sensitive we can't use any of the nice, smelly stuff.......Everyone else in the home can, so I have fun with their laundry...LOL...
Yes, and I am a cleaning product them all!!!

What do you like to use in your laundry?
Any favorite cleaning product?

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Chrissy said...

I love all them. I use Gain Powder (I have one of those huge jars I put it in with a scoop) and Gain Fabric softner with Bounce Fabric Sheets. I know that is a lot to some but that combination makes the perfect smell and fluff. I have a load drying right now. I am all caught up...for the night that is...:)!