Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Roasted Chicken!

I roasted a chicken was a nice size chicken too.

Do you remember
Fly Lady's Rubber Chicken?  If you click on the link, the rubber chicken recipe is about midway down the page.  Fly lady has helped me a lot in the past 12 or so years....I take her ideas and incorporate them into my own.  So today in honor of the rubber chicken, I am going to take the rest of the meat off the bones and make another chicken dish :)  Last night we had roasted chicken with all the fixings...I had an extremely busy day yesterday, it was so out of the ordinary...LOL..Anyway, a roasted chicken is super easy to make.  I now have quite a bit leftover so I will take the meat off and either make a chicken casserole or Chicken Bwak-Bwak(Shredded chicken mixed with egg noodles and a little butter).  I really love to make chicken 'n'dumplings, (I love the dumplings) so that may be a possibility.  I do not eat any kind of meat anymore...I used to not eat beef and pork, and now I have just given up all of it.....BUT, I make everything for my family ..I do not push my non eating meat view on them.  Just never cared for it much.  I love my veggies though :)

Okay, so that is my dinner plan for tonight:)  What is yours?

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