Monday, February 04, 2013


My mother passed away 9 years ago, today!
I wish I had known her better.
My memory desperately tries to remember things.
I remember her gentleness
Her grace
I don't remember her ever raising her voice
I remember she made my clothes
I don't remember much.
She got sick when I was 10, and I had only seen her about 3 times after that.
I hope she knows, I am not mad or hold any resentment.  I love my mother and miss her and so wish I had known her better!
So for today, please hug your mother and tell her you love her, for me :)


Anonymous said...

Julieann, my mom left this earth 1 year ago last September.We were very close but the truth of the matter is your mom is your mom...we only have 1.And no matter what your earthly relationship was like your heavenly one will surely be filled with much love and blessings.Prayers offered up for you today.

Lisa from Ohio

chrissy said...

July will be 14 years since my Mother passed away. I still miss her every day. I know hers is one of the first faces I want to see when I get to heaven. Praying for you today, dear friend!