Friday, December 07, 2012

Happy, Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!

I hope this day finds you well:)

I am going to be busy today...hence, the busy bee photo...LOL.

I have laundry going....I finished up all my Christmas cards....I need to clean bathrooms, do some baking, all the fun stuff that goes along with being a SAHM.
Well, after adjusting my lights yesterday, I think it did the trick..they stayed on with nothing blowing out.

I took ground beef out for dinner, so it will either be meatloaf or pasta bake.

After disabling comments on a certain post that just gets spam comments that are out of control, and putting up word modification, I did not get one spam comment this morning.  I usually wake up with my email flooded with spam comments for this blog.......This morning, nothing, Yay!!

Now, for a cup of coffee with sugar cookie creamer, Happy Friday!!!

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