Thursday, December 06, 2012

4th time.....

Okay, the 4th time has to work...I have re-done my lights outside 4 times now.  They keep blowing out.  I am running out of lights...LOL.  I wonder what my neighbors are thinking, as my lights outside keep changing on a daily bases...LOL.

On another note, I put up the word modification in the comments section, because the comments are out of control..I get about 100 comments a day from a certain company spamming my site.  I want to write them and ask them to stop this.  Anyway, hopefully this will stop it and in a few days I can take the word modification down.....

I have bread rising in the oven right now, and I am going to make pork chops for dinner.

I also have a question, I have a computer in my kitchen and I like to watch youtube videos as I cook....Do any of you watch vloggers, do you have any channels to suggest? TIA :)

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