Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is last nights dinner.
We had Italian sausage, cheesy potatoes, lima beans and a salad:)

It was chilly this morning!  I had to drive Tony to work this morning, early!  It was cold, I had the heat on in the car, hot coffee....and my thermals on...LOL.  He likes to go to Chik-fil-A for breakfast before he starts work.  He is very close to reaching his goal financially to get his car.  Once he hits his goal we are going to give him $500.00 to add to his car fund.
I hope that since he is working for his car he will appreciate it more.  When I turned 18 my father bought me a brand new mustang...BIG MISTAKE!!  I am still appoligizing to this day for I what I put my Dad through with that car.......It is one of those things, I often pray about, but the guilt is big...and, oh boy, to try and Let Go, let God!!!!

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