Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cloudy Thursday :)

Good Morning!
This is a picture out my front door.  Dark and Cloudy.

This is a picture from my back door.  That is part of our deck.

It is supposed to rain today.

I have already had a battle with ants this morning.  You think you got rid of them, and then BAM, they show up in the oddest places.  They were coming out of a tiny hole from the bathroom from Kevin's room.....The other morning they were just scattered all over Tony's room.  The thing about these ants, is they BITE.  The bite isn't so bad, but it itches a lot after wards.  I know...I have been bitten 4 times now....and counting....LOL.  My kitchen is completely ant proofed...everything is in airtight containers....and such......

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