Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Good Morning!

I had a good night's sleep:)  I can not believe how nauseous I was the day before, it was not a good feeling.  I feel much better today.  I already took Tony to work.  After he has saved a few paychecks, we will be looking to get him his own car.  That will be soooo nice for all of us, especially me.  If you have read my blog for awhile, you all know that driving is my least favorite activity.  In San Clemente it wasn't so bad, since I new that town like the back of my everything is new to me and so many winding roads leading to places I have never been.  I am so thankful for the GPS, it really has helped me learn my way around here.

For dinner I took out some ground beef..We will be having some fancy hamburgers.....sauteed mushrooms poured over them.  I have some broccoli that I will steam for the veggie.  I don't have any french fries, and I am low on potatoes to make some..I use a lot of potatoes with my roast last daughter just loves potatoes and "HOMEMADE" can only be homemade, she does not like the store bought kind.  Maybe I will make some buttered noodles to go with the burgers......

Time-Warp Wife has made a printable~~~> Homemakers creed.  I think it is just precious and a wonderful reminder for us all :)

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