Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My alarm went off this morning and I hit the snooze. I must have been tired because I am usually up before my alarm:)

I got up, made breakfast, fed Tiki, fed the Guineas, pottied the dog...I had some coffee in between there:)

I got Alexis and Taylor(Alexis's best friend) off to school, then I headed to the grocery store. I got my turkeys too, YaY! Albertson's was having a buy one get one free, so I got two. After the store, I went to the bank. Came home, unloaded the groceries and put them away. Sooner did I do all that and then some, it was time to go back to Alexis's school and pick her up. It was parent/teacher conferences this week, and my appointment was at 12:30. School is half days this week and no school on Friday:) The conference went wonderful. Alexis got a glowing report and I am very, very proud of her.

Came home from that, prepped for dinner. We had Tacos. Little Kevin must have really been tired because he asked to go to bed at 6:30. The kitchen is clean, the animals are fed and I cleaned the guineas cage, the bottom of Tiki's perch, made sure my parakeets little feeders were filled and I also gave them a spray millet, which they love...whew:) Axel has his dogfood, but I think he would much rather have had a taco...LOL. Oh, I also cleaned the fish tank...whew again...this has been a wonderfully busy and productive day.

I will be so happy to stay home tomorrow though! I have lots of things I want to get done before Thanksgiving. I want to clean my Living room carpet again, I just need to figure out when I can do it..besides the kitchen it is the most used room in the house:)

I picked this picture out, because it made me giggle...LOL.

Happy Wednesday evening!!
Stay warm tonight!

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