Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Butternut Squash!

I asked my family to taste them, Kevin thought they were sweet potatoes and Alexis thought they tasted like carrots. Little Kevin just ate them...LOL.

They are quite good, and the stores seem to have a bunch of different kinds of squash these days.
I kept it simple, just butter and salt and pepper. You could add some brown sugar, but my husband does not like sweet at dinner time.


On Tuesday, I am the librarian for my daughter's library class. Well, I get there, turn on the computer, enter the passcode and it locks on me....Oh boy!! No one, and I mean no one knew what to do. So today the children checked out their books the old fashioned way, I used a pen and paper:)


How are your plans coming along for Thanksgiving? Have you got your Turkey yet? Menu planned. Are you making the green bean casserole? That is one of my favorites:) Are you cleaning and getting the house ready?

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