Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Monday!

We go through a lot of cheese. So I always buy a few blocks of it.

I grate half of it in my Cuisinart.
One of my favorite Kitchen appliances.

This is one of the blocks of cheese we bought.

After I grate the cheese I put it in tupperware for easy access.

We use the grated cheese for salads, tacos, all sorts of recipes:)

On another note,
School is out in four more days~~~YaY!!

I am also, getting ready for Alexis's 10th Birthday.
Lot's to do for that.

I am getting Dr. Quinn on Netflix. I have to get the disc, because they don't have it on demand. I kind of like getting the disc better.
I am on the second season, second disc. So when everyone is asleep, I watch an episode:)

We are having artichokes tonight.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day.

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