Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last night we had a St. Patricks day dinner. Since my husband was out of town, I changed it up a bit, and made it more kid friendly. We had green milk:) Table spread

This is a loaf of sheaphearder's bread. Delicious, it was a huge hit! The kids liked it a lot better then my soda bread..LOL.

Green Potatoes~~~ I did this instead of the colcannon, I thought the kids would love the green:)

Steamed cabbage and carrots

Corned beef, that I slow cooked all day in my crockpot~~it was so tender!

I also made green jello, and shortbed cookies with green frosting.

As for tonight's dinner I am trying a new recipe~~>Whole Chicken Crockpot Recipe

It has been such a warm week here, in the 80's. My husband had been fighting a cold for awhile, which is unusual, since he rarely ever gets sick. Then Little Kevin got the cold, then Alexis, and now I feel it coming on.

Laundry needs to be done, and I need to start my spring cleaning. I am really looking forward to this weekend, to have every one home!
Happy Thursday Everyone!


Mari said...

What a fun meal for St Patrick's day. I bet the kids loved the green!

Litty said...

That meal looks fun AND delicious

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

What a wonderful meal you made! It looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks beautiful!
Wonderful job you did for your


Jenn said...

YUM! You did a very nice and festive job, I bet the kids loved it. =)
Hope you are feeling well!


I know that your children really enjoyed the special meal that you made for them. Hope you all get well soon. connie