Tuesday, December 01, 2009


After Thanksgiving, this house got out of control. I have laundry to do, bathrooms to clean. I have been working all morning. I have a trash bag and I am running around the house picking up this and that and throwing it all away. Kind of like Fly Lady's 27 things. Oh, I also hung up a bunch of clothes that were on my bedroom chair. Why, oh do I let things get out of hand...LOL.

I have to go to the market today and get the food for the week, I will do that before I pick Alexis up from school.

It is quite chilly today. I need to put a sweater on. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did. I used every bit of that Turkey up. The last thing I made with it was turkey and dumplings, using the carcass for the stock, it turned out good. Today, I am not sure what I will make for dinner, it will depend on what I find at the store:) Happy Tuesday!


TJ said...

My house is in much the same shape, except I'm back to work and not getting it picked up. Hopefully I will have a burst of energy tonight in between feedings.

Have a wonderful day!

Jenny said...

I thought I was the only one! Tomorrow I hope to be out of the ditch and back to normal. I think I just gave up after Thanksgiving. Whenever my husband is home we always go out and about and things really do get off track around the house. I also had to reschedule my bimonthly trip to Wal-Mart to Monday. I usually go on Friday but knew Black Friday wasn't the day to go!!

Good luck getting things back in shape, Julieann. I know you'll feel so good when it's all back to normal.

Ronda said...

Good Morning my friend,

Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one. Have a Blessed week.

Love & Prayers,

Charree said...

So reading from the comments, I am not the only one asking "why? oh why do I let my house get in this shape?" I need FlyLady like something awful. Have a blessed day!