Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy, Happy Friday!!

Last year I met a very neat lady, finding this recipe on her Recipe Blog~~Her name is Mari and she makes such wonderful things. This was one of the Sweet Treats I made last year, and I made a new batch yesterday. You will find her recipe here
I also made my easy fudge

Rice Krsipy Treats.
At Christmas time I will make a birthday cake for Jesus

My little helper



...and all our stockings are hung:)

After today, Alexis will be off of school for two whole weeks, I am just thrilled about that!
Kevin and I will be doing some Christmas shopping this weekend, that should be a lot of fun. I think my husband likes to shop more then me...LOL.
Tonight's dinner is going to be take out, because I have to wait for the gardener today and I can't get to the store, so my husband said don't worry about dinner, we will get take out. He wanted to go out to dinner, but Friday nights are just to busy to go out and eat, I don't like big crowds.
So all this week before Christmas, I will be working on making my house neat and tidy for Jesus's birthday celebration. I am so excited:)
Happy Friday and stay warm!


Mrs. U said...

OH YUM!!! Your goodies look SO delicious!! Especially the fudge!! I LOOOOOVE fudge!!! Any chance you'd share your recipe???

Merry Christmas!!

Mrs. U

Mari said...

Too funny! I opened your blog and thought - "Those look like what I make"! Aren't they easy - and cute?
Your fudge looks delicious! I think you need to post the recipe for it.

LLJ said...

I made those pretzel treats today with my son! Lots of yummy stuff this time of year! Merry Christmas to your family.