Thursday, October 08, 2009


Happy Thursday.
Yesterday, I tried a new bread recipe, it looked really good in the picture, and the recipe looked very simple.

Click to see the recipe

Well, this is how my bread turned out, doesn't look anything like the picture on the recipe card....LOL. It tastes good though, but it did not rise as much as the bread in the picture.

Here are a couple tomatoes I got off my Topsy Turvy! They are sooo big. I have nothing bad to say about the Topsy Turvy. In fact I will do it again next year along with cucumbers. What caused my Topsy Turvy to not do so well, were those dreaded Horn worms, they totally ruined my plant, and before my husband and I could figure out what to do, they had done quite a bit of damage, and my beautiful plant, never was able to recuperate:( She did produce tomatoes, just not as many as it was supposed too. I will know what to do next time, and be prepared.

....and this is my son with his new haircut:) My husband buzzed his hair. He looks so cute with those big eyes.

Cinnamon sugar all over his mouth...LOL
Tonight's dinner, will be Chicken and Dumplings!!!
Laundry is getting done too, Yay!

Happy Thursday:)


Mari said...

Bread is a hard thing for me to make. I never know how it will turn out. Yours looks good, even if its not a big as you thought.
Little Kevin looks so cute! His beautiful eyes show up so much more!

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Oh, those dreaded horn worms! YUCK! I had some of those on my tomato plant too!

Your bread looks yummy! I've yet to try my hand at making my own. I would really like to, though.

Little Kevin is too cute with his new buzz!

Christina said...

Mmm...mmm Yummy! I love chicken & dumplings! I've never made them though...would you mind to share your recipe with me? Thanks! :)

Happy Saturday Julieann!

Mrs. U said...

Oh my stars!! He looks SO adorable with his new haircut!!!! Did you just cry when his sweet little baby hair was cut off??? My how much older he looks. We have GOT to figure out something to make our children stop growing up so quickly!! LOL!!!!

And I have really appreciated all that photos and talk you've done about the Topsy Turvy. We talked about having one, but didn't. Mr. U says we are definitely trying it out next summer!! Yay!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Kevin looks so very cute.
And your bread looks
good. Looking forward to your fall decorations.

Sondra said...

What a cutie! Love that hair cut :)

Jenn said...

Last year I planted 32 tomato plants in the garden and those things took over my crop and I lost at least HALF the produce. This year we got the same amount, and I only planted 12 plants!!!!!
No pests this time! =)

Love the little man's haircut. We cut our boys very short also, it grows way too fast and they don't like haircuts, so this way we don't have to do them so often. hehe

Anonymous said...

We've got snow. I had to gather the last of our garden a couple days ago. Our tomatoes are usually a star crop, but not this year. It was too wet and too cool and the fruit didn't ripen on the vine well.
My chocolate peppers that I waited for all season only put out two scrawny little peppers. I put them in an omelet this morning.
Little Kevin's haircut is uber cute. What a handsome little man he is...I keep my son's hair cut short too. It is easier for all of us, and he can shampoo it himself.
Take extra good care. Please do post about the chicken and dumplings, you Domestic Diva, you!

Tatersmama said...

Mmmmm! Chicken and dumplings! My favorite!

I ordered in 3 Topsy Turvy's (they were hard to source!) and now I can't wait to get them planted. They say here to wait until after "race day" which is at the end of the month, but I'm going to plant at least one now, and leave the other until the recommended time.

Hook worms? BAH!