Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am not leaving blogland, I promise, I am just having a hard time adjusting computer time with a very curious two year old:) I do have a picture of what I have been up to today and yesterday. I will post a picture shortly and you will laugh...LOL.

Tonight's dinner will be roasted Chicken, with all the fixings.

Last night I made fried pork, napa cabbage with mushrooms, white beans, salad, and homemade dinner rolls.
I am on laundry detail today.

Little Kevin just absolutely LOVES to be read too. It is precious.

Happy Thursday, and I will be back with a picture.

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Jodi said...

((Julieann)) ~

I obviously have my own struggles finding time to blog, so I can very much relate to your problem. I just keep you in my RSS reader and read along whenever you have time to post. Enjoy that active little 2-year old; it all passes far too quickly!