Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Computer Time!

Well, I am going to have to change my computer time. Little Kevin is actually napping at this moment so I can hop on here real quick. His naps are few and far between lately and being two he is into EVERYTHING, so I have to have a very watchful eye on him right now. My home is baby proofed pretty well, but he can actually find danger in the most innocent of things. So, I am going to have to do my postings at night when my husband is home to watch him for me, until he grows out of this very curious stage, and starts napping better.

It has been raining here for the last couple of days, and I am LOVING it!!

...and yes, I will post about my Chicken and Dumplings, I promise.

I just wanted to get on here real quick and let all my friends know what is up:)

Have an awesome Wednesday, and I will be back either later tonight, or tomorrow night!!!

Miss you!!!


Anonymous said...

I check your blog every day. I enjoy reading about
your love for your job
as a homemaker and wife.
Out here in NE Ohio
we have had a lot of rain.
But that is normal here
for our area.
Got my porch all decorated
for fall and my breakfast
nook table. Thats all I
will do for this year.

Jenn said...

We got snow flurries today with the arctic chill we've been having this week in MA and next week it's supposed to be in the low 60's. What on earth is the deal? I feel like we're not having a "real" fall. :(

Anonymous said...

Your blog is always positive. I, also, check your blog almost every day. Thanks for blogging when you can. Your love for family and home is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

My youngest turns seven on Monday. *sniff* Anyway, I completely remember her being into everything when she got mobile.
So many good bloggers are signing off...I hope you never do. Your blog is a favorite of mine and I check it regularly.
Take extra good care,