Monday, August 20, 2007

What I am up too.....

I made a poll and put it in my sidebar---and I see the majority of you like to read about my day to day cleaning adventures---well that is good, because I like to write about it...LOL. My favorite part of my blog are the picture posts, just because I like to go back and look at my kids, meals, house, etc. So if you have not yet, you can vote on my poll that is in my sidebar:)

Here are the tomatoes from my garden--and I have to say they are the last of them---those two little plants gave me a ton of tomatoes--and the really sad part of it is--my husband didn't like them..LOL---he said they were too sweet. So I pruned the plant already. Next summer, I will plant some that aren't sweet, any suggestions??? I went to Wal-Mart this weekend and we got some googly eyes--so Alexis and I are going to have a craft day with these--they were .97 cents. we are going to make some funny people or animals.
This is my doggy--he turned 3 years old last week--Happy Birthday Axel!!!! 4 pounds of
I am done with Alexis's closet--this is one side---dresses, skirts, skorts, jeans etc.... There are some things that I am not hanging up--I have a few track pants and such--that will be folded and put on her shelf.

This is the other side--whew-----it is as organized as I can keep it--I like to do like colors, sleeve length---but it is hard to keep up with Alexis pulling things down--so I am happy with this. (You can click the pictures to enlarge)
Her shoes. Why so many tennis shoes? Her school won't allow opened toe shoes, for safety--so, she can't wear her sandals--So I bought a bunch of different kind of tennis shoes, so she doesn't have to wear the same pair everyday. She can wear her sandals at home :)
...and here is my princess!! I can't remember if I mentioned, she had her physical and she measured 45 inches tall and 42 pounds--the ped, said she is tall and skinny.
This is a wall in her room---we do a lot of crafts--her room is decorated on all four walls. I am looking for another latch hook to do---I latch hooked that bear on her wall. I am not sure what I want to latch hook, but I am itching to do one...LOL.

I had to wake up and get ready extra early today---I had to get Tony to registration by 8:00---we got that all done, and his schedule is changed--he starts at 7:40---woohoo. I also did my grocery shopping---Kevin wanted London Broil on the grill--so that is what we will have--along with fresh corn (Jodi it was 5 for 2.00 today) Baked potatoes--salad--and all kinds of pasta was on sale, I was thinking of making some kind of pasta salad or mac n cheese--not sure yet. It is HOT--I broke down and turned the air on---oh it is so nice--but I am going to turn it off soon---the money it takes to keep it on, makes me ill.....things are so expensive here in California---

Since today is Monday, I am going to make a cleaning list of all the things I want to get done---if I don't finish they will be added to next weeks list. Well, that is all for now---I will be by your blogs xoxox


Candy said...

Fun post!! I love your daughters wall in her room. Awww, makes me want to have a little girl! :)
I love her closet...very nicely organized! Good job! :)
Have a great day,
Love Candy

Kelli said...

Mmm...I love sweet tomatoes, Julieann! I don't have any recommendations for a different kind of plant because I have the worst luck with growing tomatoes! LOL
I'm glad you got Tony's class changed and all your organizing looks wonderful! Good job!

PEA said...

Your Alexis is such a sweetheart...I love how she's decorated her bedroom walls:-) I always wanted a little girl but it wasn't meant to it was baseball cards and Batman posters on the walls! lol The tomatoes we grow in our garden are called "Bonnie Best" and they're not a sweet tomatoe so your hubby should like them:-) xox

Anonymous said...

I love your daughter's room, too!! And the closet also looks great. Here, it seems like as soon as I get all the closets done, it's time to start over and do them all again!! =)

Elizabeth said...

I love the housecleaning. But, I really love your posts about cooking, recipes, etc.