Monday, January 04, 2016

New Refrigerator

 When we moved into our new home, we needed a new refrigerator.  This is the one I picked out.  I LOVE IT!!!  That middle drawer is what got me...I needed that middle drawer in my life.  I stock it with all sorts of wonderful foods.....I have my old fridge in the garage along with a deep freeze, so I am able to stock up well for my family.
School starts back up tomorrow, I went shopping and bought all sorts of fun and healthy foods to make their lunches with.  Alexis does not like to buy, she said the food isn't I make her lunch.  Little K can't buy food at school because of his food allergies, so I make his...and try to make them as fun as possible....Tony and Big K also take lunch there are a lot of lunches being made....LOL.  Do you make lunches for your family?  I am a SAHM and I think it is very important to make fun and healthy lunches for my family...along with breakfast and dinners :)  It's what I do...and I love it!

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Your fridge is lovely. I am starting a new habit of making lunches for my husband. He always eats out and we are cutting expenses so I am looking forward to planning some lunch ideas. I would for you to share some ideas.