Thursday, January 22, 2015


Wow, it is Thursday, already!  Time sure sure goes by fast when you are having fun!

Last week my grandbaby girls both had Birthdays, so I made them a Frozen cake, because that is what they like :)  I have to admit, even though I had heard of Frozen, I had no clue who the characters were, so my son told me their names and my daughter printed them out for me :)  Remember, I can no longer do store bought cakes, so every thing must be made by me....yes, the mom who is not the least bit crafty or artistic...LOL....but I am learning...remember the Sonic cake I made, or the Minecraft?

It has been pretty warm these past few days..BUT, tomorrow they are calling for 100% rain, and cold coming through.  I just adore winter, so I was not ready for the warm days...LOL.

For Christmas, my husband got me the iphone 6 and I have to say, it is really great for my eyes :) I also picked out a pretty pink cover, pink is my color..LOVE IT!
Have a great Thursday!

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