Friday, January 02, 2015

Friday...New Day, New Year :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  It is cold and rainy and very dark today!  I am "trying" to organize the garage..BUT, I really need 3 more empty boxes, one for keep, donate and I am at a conundrum at the moment...I am trying to combine boxes to get the the 3 boxes I need...LOL..Did that make sense?

For dinner last night we went to Longhorn's...they cater to the allergy family, so that is very nice, but I am still always on guard, ALWAYS!!!!

For dinner tonight, I will make some pork..with a starch and a veggie and a salad.....not sure what combo I will come up with yet:)

School is back in session on Tuesday.....I will miss my kids when they go back.  My daughter is growing into such a wonderful young lady, and so smart and compassionate.  She really has the voice of reason.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe and warm XO XO

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