Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday!! ~~~Supplies :)

Good Morning!
Hope you all slept well.
Hope this day is wonderful to all who stop by my little blog.
I started this Blog so long ago, I think in about 2 years this month it will be a whole decade???
Anyway, I have been picking up school supplies here and there.  Kevin needs a 3 ring binder for school, so I got him a blue one.  I would like to figure out how to put a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog on it...yes, he is still crazy about Sonic.  I also need to get him a haircut before school..I let him go haircut free for summer...but now it is time.  School starts August 4th.  I am so excited for Fall to start.
My daughter is really getting into beauty things...she likes to get her hair done, she likes her eyebrows perfectly done..etc..she isn't into makeup too much, but she does like a lot of other things...Clothes, loves clothes.  I was really happy when we went clothes shopping, she wanted more dresses than anything else :)
We have had a nice summer.....
Also, I turn 44 Thursday, July 24th...44???
One more thing, my Tony is moving back home!!
He said Home is where the family is, not where he thought he would be happy.  He wants to be back around his Mama :)
My heart is full!
Oh, did I mention, Alexis got braces~~~Fun Times...LOL.

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