Monday, April 07, 2014

April 7th 2014~~~~ Monday!

Good Morning!
I hope everyone had a wonderful March!
Our March was extremely busy.  We moved.
Below is a picture of our new home, it is just a little ways down the road from our other home that we lived in.
I have to say this was probably the hardest and most exhausting move I have ever done...moving across the country was not this difficult.

I have been working on unpacking everything and putting everything in its place, while still trying to do all the normal things that need to be done, like school, lunches, dinners and laundry......We are on Spring Break this week which I am so happy about!
Have a wonderful day :)
It is raining extremely hard today!


Best Hearing Aid Centre Sdn Bhd said...

Nice and cozy house. Happy Easter Day in advance!

Anonymous said...

Your new house is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Love the cake! You did a great job on it. --Gigi