Wednesday, September 12, 2012

.......Tuesday :) Ooooops, I mean Wednesday...LOL

Okay, so the last post I left, I said I was going out to dinner and would take pictures......That was Friday.  At around 3:00 that day I was finishing up cleaning the house, and I was winding up the cord to the vacuum...I had been cleaning for a while and really needed a shower.....well, I hear a knock on my door...and my dog started to bark....A lot of kids have been knocking on my door selling this or that for their school....I didn't want to answer..I was dirty....LOL...Anyway, I went to the door anyway, and there was a lady, I had briefly met her a while back.  She said, Hi, I just want to let you know, there is a leak in your yard and water is running all down the street :::::sigh::::::..I could not find the shutoff outside...I looked everywhere.  My husband wasn't answering his phone, so I called my MIL...I know I sounded frantic...I was.......water was gushing out of my lawn.  My MIL told me what to look for..I still could not find the shut very nice neighbor came over, the one that brought over brownies with his wife to welcome me here.  He helped me look and he couldn't find it either.  I had called the water company and they sent over a man to shut off the water for me.  You know why we could not find the shutoff?? ...It was on the neighbors side...LOL.....anyway, the plumber then came to fix the pipe.....Remember I had no water in or out of the house......he had to dig up a good amount of dirt to find the leak...see picture above.  Anyway, everything was fixed and back to normal after we ended up ordering pizza.......

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