Thursday, September 06, 2012

Good Morning!

One thing I do every morning is make sure all the beds are made.  If the beds are made it makes the room that much nicer:)  Don't you think so?  I need to vacuum the stairs today...and there are A LOT...LOL.

As I am doing my daily housework I have been following the Drew Peterson trial.... They are deliberating right now....I am in doubt, I can't 100% say I think he did it.  I have my doubts!

As for Facebook, oh boy are those political posts flying......Well this is my blog, so I am going to say this:

I did not vote for Barack Obama last time, and I will not vote for him this time.  I am not going to bash him or say nasty things about him, he is the leader of our country and deserves respect.  I am not a democrat..and do not see eye to eye with what they believe in.  Anyway, I love Ann Romney, I think she is an amazing wife and mother, and I enjoy her posts on Facebook :)  There.....Love me or don't love me..these are some of my thoughts :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said. I believe, based on his past accomplishments, particularly with what he did to make the Olympics financially solvent, that Mitt can do what needs to be done to turn our economy around. And Mrs. Romney is to be admired for her devotion to her husband and to her family.


Mari said...

I'm with you!
I also make sure the beds are made. It takes such a short time and makes everything look better. :)
I haven't seen any of the trial so can't comment on that.
I hate all the nasty political posts, from both sides. I will not be voting for Obama, and truthfully it frightens me to think of him getting another term. However, I agree with you about showing respect. I like Ann Romney too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 percent!

Maria Wise said...

I wasn't sure and was on the fence, even though I'm not a fan of Mr. Obama's decisions and actions.

The more I research and learn the more I love Mitt. Did you know his grandchild is homeschooled? He is for school choice, something I am passionate about.

Since we got new bedding, that is the first thing we do everyday, make the beds! So true about it making the room look so nice.