Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Monday!

It is such a Happy Monday.
Kevin had been in Georgia for over a week. He came home yesterday, I am so Happy!!!

All is right in the Gossett Household now:)

My sister is also supposed to be coming home tonight, so I will no longer have to go over there and feed the kitty cats. They are good cats. There are two, and to me they look exactly alike, but both Alexis and Little Kevin can tell them apart..LOL.

(I love cows)

We went to the grocery store after Kevin got home, and we stocked up on a lot of fruits and veggies. Kevin picked out some Amberjack from the butcher. I have never cooked it before, so I will let you know, how that turns out. Any tips or recipe for this?

The weather man said it is supposed to get hotter this week...HMMMMM. We have had a really nice summer so far. Last summer, I don't think the sun ever came out. This summer the sun is out, but it is not too hot. I keep my thermostat at 78.....if the upstairs starts to get too warm then I turn it to 76.

Did I mention I shut the car door on my finger. Let me tell you this, don't ever try it. OHHH, it hurt!! It kept me up one night because I kept bumping it. It is pretty much all better now, just a little tender in certain spots.

Last nights dinner, we had steak and an assortment of steamed veggies and a fresh green salad:)

I re potted a few plants this morning. I don't have much of a green thumb, but I do try:)

Happy Monday.
Fall is almost here.

OHHH, and thank you so much for voting for me on Circle of Moms. I am ten blogs away from making the list:)

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Elizabeth said...

Hope your finger feels better.

I was thinking of ordering or sewing some things for my trip to California. Can you give me some kind of idea what kind of clothing to pack for October for San Clemente, LA, and Carson City? I'm having trouble deciding what the weather and temperature will be like then in So. Cal. Will I need summery things? Layers? Is it very hot in October?

Julieann said...

OHHHH, Elizabeth!!! I am so sorry. You had asked me awhile ago about San Clemente, and I completely forgot...Please forgive me!!

As for the weather in October, I would layer. Right now, the weather is in the low 70's, but you never know what the next day can bring. I remember one Christmas it was in the 90's, crazy weather. I wouldn't dress too warm. The evenings can get a bit cool, but a light jacket kinda cool. I always layer. I will wear a sundress and then have a nice sweater or something I can easily remove when it gets warm. Sometimes I change up to 3 times a day..LOL. I think it is going to be cold, and then come afternoon it is warm, so I change into something lighter...LOL.

Now Carson city will be different, that is about 45 minutes away and the weather is about 10 to 15 degrees different. The farther away from the beach you are the warmer it can get. When it gets close to your visit, I will keep you updated on how the weather is here.

If you want a wonderful romantic dinner with your hubby. Go to the Fisherman's Restaurant. It is right on the beach and it is one of my very places to eat at!!!

We are also 30 minutes from Disneyland:)

You must take a walk up and down Del Mar in San Clemente, it is in the heart of the town and just so fun to go into all of the little shops. You can get some suviners there too. On Sundays they have there farmer's market and everyone sets out there booths and sells things from food to flowers to beautiful crafts:)
Hope this has helped some:)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much! That helps a lot. I was having such a hard time imaginging the kind of clothing I would need. Ordinarily, I wouldn't need to think about packing until closer 'til time, but I thought I might take advantage of some late summer sales to buy a few lightweight things.

October's kind of tricky here in Nashville, too, so I know what you mean about the changing two or three times a day! LOL. You've got to love layers!