Thursday, January 07, 2010


Today is baking day:) I have homemade bread rising at the moment. We are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner with a salad. I also just finished making stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer. It has been rather warm these past few days around 75 degrees. You never know how to dress in this weather. Everything has been going well here, we are all just so happily busy.
I watched a movie called *The Boy in the Striped Pajamas* Oh, did that make me cry. Have any of you seen that movie?

I also cleaned my teenagers room thoroughly, it looks so nice. He knows I do this, and he doesn't mind. I do it twice a year, kind of like spring cleaning. The other times it is up to him to keep it clean. Just like a lot of teenagers he is not very neat. I went through messy stages and neat stages myself. I am so hoping the neat stage hits him soon...LOL.

I have to go check on my bread, you all have a wonderful Thursday. I have received a few emails from some of you, and I will get to them today:) xo


Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

TJ said...

You are welcome to come up to Washington and help clean my kids' rooms! I spent all day Saturday in my 3 year old's room and just barely got my 6 year old's room started. They are a disaster, and my room and the nursery isn't much better.

Also bring on up some of that warm weather! That is one thing I miss about Malibu.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Julieann!!!
I haven't seen the movie you mentioned but I certainly want to check it out!!! Sounds interestintg!!

And I LOVE hearing about what you do around your home. Makes me feel like I'm in good company as I take care of my home and family, too!

It surely would be nice to be next door neighbors and meet up for tea in the afternoons!! I'm sure Elizabeth and little Kevin would play together so well!!! She's got TONS of energy! HAHA!

I hope you have a blessed week!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! So glad to see you posting again.