Saturday, January 23, 2010


I mentioned before, I have a bunch of pictures to share from Christmas til now, so in each post I will try and add pictures. I posted my Sweet Treat's picture below this post and then rainy days under that one. It is not rainy today but it is quite chilly. It is only supposed to be 58 degrees today.

At the Albertson's I got a $20.00 dollar pork roast for $8.00. I made it last night and it came out so nice. Today I am going to pull out my crock pot and make pulled pork for tonight's dinner. Ralph's grocery store sent out an amazing coupon this week, that I could not pass up. They were giving away for free, a jar of Mayo, eggs, orange juice and bread. There were no strings attached either. They also gave me a coupon for 10.00 off my purchase of 25.00 dollars or more. They had hams on sale too. I got a 30.00 dollar ham for 7.00 dollars, can you believe that? My total bill came to $64.00~~~and then after the coupons and the sale prices taken off, I just had to pay $24.00 for all those groceries. It made this wife and mother very happy...LOL.

This is Alexis riding her new bike, she got for Christmas!

I made these nachos for dinner one night last week. One of my husband's favorite!
Today, my husband had to go to work, and it is quite cold outside, so I am going to stay in and play with my baby and take care of my home. I know Alexis will go next door and play with the little girls, and my son with play guitar with his friends, he is really good. So, all in all it will be a nice day. Oh, and do I need to mention, I am also doing laundry....LOL.
Happy Saturday!


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

The food looks sooooo good!! You got some really great deals with your food. I'd better pay more attention to those sale flyers!
Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for your cookbook to come out. Seriously. Waiting.
Let it out sister, what's the scoop on those picturesque nachos???
It is raining ice here, and I'll bet we're grounded tomorrow. This winter has been exceptionally long and though I'm not a weather whiner, I'm ready for Spring!
Going to make vegetable chowder with hot rolls and salad tomorrow.