Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Wednesday

There is no school today--YAY!!! My girlfriend who has a daughter the same age as mine, is taking the girls to see a A Christmas Carol and then to the salon to get pedicures. This should be a great day for Alexis.

As for me, since I don't have to go anyway today, I am going to do some laundry, clean the home and I have a few bananas that are turning brown, so I am going to make banana bread.

I am so excited for ThanksGiving, I just adore that Holiday, all the holiday cooking and baking and spending time with the people you love, friends and family. I can't wait!!!

Today is Veteran's day, I always say a prayer for everyone that is/was protecting our country. May God Bless everyone!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Not sure what is on the menu for tonight's dinner, but I do know it will be something with ground beef.


DeNiece Barnes said...

JulieAnn I just made a hamburger and rice casserole yesterday, and it was wonderful...Also I wanted to let you know that I just did another day in my kitchen video yesterday so stop by if you can....

Anonymous said...
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Julieann said...

The comment I removed was a spam one.

Jenny said...

I hope Alexis enjoyed her girly day! Have a great day!!!