Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ha-Ha!! It is Thursday--yay:) I can not believe how fast time is going right now--don't get me wrong, I appreciate everyday, but I am just so excited to meet my new baby---I have 8 weeks and 1 day--I am getting so excited.

It is quite cold today, and the forecast calls for rain this evening. So, we shall see. Have any of you made bagels yet? I am anxious to hear about it.

I do have a question for all of you--the baby is almost here, and I am pretty much all prepared for baby---I exclusively nurse too. Tell me something, that was a must for you to have when you had your children? You know, when you think you have everything, and then you have that AH-HA moment, and think yes, I need that!!! Do you all remember the Boppy? I love that---I am on the lookout for another one too--the one I used with my daughter, I gave away when it wasn't needed anymore.

Also, I love and appreciate all the wonderful comments I get, I also enjoy the emails----I got one the other day, that was so sweet--anyway, the lady was asking me about my Home Notebook and what I have in it. So I am going to post about that, just in case someone else wants to peek into my notebook--I know I love to see how other people organize their home--I am so nosey--so if you all want to see, I am going to do a post on my notebook--I know after googling it--hundreds of people have posted theirs--but I am going to do it anyway..LOL. Who knew we all had the same idea:)))

Update on Rubber Ducky: I think it was Kitty that suggested Walmart---well---she was not kidding---they had everything you could think of for a bathroom in the rubber ducky theme..(LOL) I bought the border and put it up--I will post a picture of it, in my next post----it looks so cute. They also have a rubber ducky shower curtain---that is my next purchase. Anyway, I must go for now--you all have a wonderful and blessed Thursday xoxoxox


Mrs.B. said...


I'm the same way...I love to see how people live and the way they organize things.

I can't wait to see your binder!


Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! I can't wait to see your bathroom! The ducky stuff is so cute!
I'm also really looking foward to seeing your home notebook..I'm nosey too. :0)
Let's see...must have baby's been awhile so I'm going to give it some thought and I'll get back to you!!
Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julieann,

How exciting to be preparing for your new little one's birth!

The ducky stuff sounds so cute.

Candy said...

I havent tried the bagals yet but I will...
Hmmm, not sure anymore what I really needed when my son was a baby. I only have one child (so far) :) and he is 9 years old so now Im forgetting everything! If I get pregnant again, I will need lots of help too because I forget everything.

:) Candy

Amber said...

I will definitely be making the bagels. How neat! I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left :) With my second child I made sure to stock up on diapers when there was a sale. I never liked cutting it close on running out of diapers. Baby wipes are good too. I didn't have to buy diapers for 9 months and wipes for 6 months. It was very nice. Hope this helps.

Barb said...

Hello Julieann,

I can't believe it took me a whole week to get over here and thank you for visiting me. Honestly, a whole week just disappeared and I have no idea why.

When I had my babies there was no such thing as a Boppy. But when my daughter had her baby 18 months ago, she totally loved her Boppy. She saved it and I'm glad because they're expensive!

Your rubber ducky bathroom sounds completely adorable. The photos will be fun.

Thank you again for leaving such a sweet comment at A Chelsea Morning. I hope you'll come back.

(You sound like you just love being a wife and mommy - that's so, so nice.)

Anonymous said...

Yay, I am glad to hear the rubber ducky theme is coming along, and I'm excited to see your notebook, too. I have always wanted to make one, but I just have a couple of schedules and menu plans saved on my computer... maybe I'll put one together eventually too!!

How funny, I was wondering what everyone's must have baby item is, too, especially since it's been 6 years since my last baby. My favorite was the Snugli pack, because I just loved carrying my babies around all day while I did my daily stuff!! My only problem with that was, even with rolled up receiving blankets to prop the baby up, they wound up slumping down in the pack. Soooo.... lately I have been seeing women carrying their babies in different types of fabric sling wraps that go across the front, with the baby in a laying down position that looks so much more comfortable. I haven't found one in stores that I liked, but I did find some simple directions online to make one. I STILL haven't and I have one week to go!!! So, I am going to try to make it tonight or tomorrow, although I won't know until I put my baby into it, how it works. I have heard they are a great help for nursing, too. Anyways, when I finish I will post pictures of it on my little blog and let you know if it is a must have, or not!!! :-)

Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! It seems like only yesterday that you announced the big news. Only 8 weeks -- wow!

My must have was the Miracle Blanket. Those were a real life saver. Ben was so strong (and my swaddling technique so poor) that he always broke through the receiving blanket swaddlers, even when we put tape on them. Sounds awful, I know, but swaddling was the only way he'd sleep.

If you need them just Google Miracle Blankets. They are great, work, and recommended by Dr. Harvey Karp.

Also, Ben's white noise machine was another must have. Still is!

Looking forward to seeing the binder.


I pray you and your baby will be fine and get here right on God's time. I had 5 children and love and looked forward to each of them being born. There is just not a time like the time before the birth of a little one. Thanks for letting me comment, I am just visiting. Connie from Texas

Charree said...

I don't have any babies yet. However, a lot of my friends who have them said they found something new that is great for little ones. It is called a Bumbo. Their website is . It was something that came to mind that you might need. I can only imagine how excited you are to only be 8 weeks away.

Jodi said...

Hi Julieann! I wasn't ignoring your blog, but I was thinking about this question - lol! With my first couple of babies I would have said the baby swing was a must have, but there are so many willing hands around my place now that even that doesn't get so much use. I'm also very fond of music, so we purchase each baby their own lullaby cd ... but I could get by without that if I had to!

I would say my only must have item - is my nursing shawl! It's a huge scarf/shawl that's very light weight, light brown in color with paisley trim. It's rather neutral and does not look like a baby item (because it isn't -lol!). It folds up super flat to fit in either the diaper bag or my purse. I take it everywhere when I have a nursing baby. It provides more coverage than a baby blanket and is not nearly as hot on the baby (very good for summer!). It can be knotted on the opposite side from baby at shoulder or waist to combat windy, outside days. When using it, I was able to nurse anywhere and most people had no idea what I was doing.

It's so effective, I just have to share this story. God gave us quite a wait between baby #1 and #2. My eldest was 5 1/2 when our daughter came along. She was born Dec. 6th, so we were at the mall right before Christmas. Hubby took our son off for a bit of shopping, and I found a secluded bench by myself, flung the scarf over my shoulder (and her), and she was guzzling away. A very elderly, little man came and sat down next to me. He commented on her little feet and struck up a conversation. About 20 minutes later my 5 1/2 year old came bounding up and boldly asked me if the baby was done nursing yet. I thought that poor little old man was going to have a heart attack. I've never seen anybody that age move so fast before in my life -- he was out of there - lol! Bless his heart - he had no idea what he'd been sitting next to!
So I guess the moral of the story is that the shawl is amazingly discreet if you don't have a mouthy 5 1/2 year old in tow - lol!