Thursday, February 01, 2007

Change your Calendars

Happy February!!!

It is that time: It is a new month. I have a new printable calendar on my bulletin board in the kitchen, and then I have one in my notebook--I write important dates like birthday's, doctor appointments and such--and then I write special notes in my notebook calendar for me--like when I went shopping, or when I bought that---or something that happened that I want to record. You can google the prhase " Free prinatable calendat" and so many pop up, just pick one that suits your taste. Or you can got here-->Organized Home. com, here and here. Just get those calendars done, so you can be more organized--if you have a bought calendar, don't forget to write all those important dates out. Another thing I do--is I get all the birthday cards I need for that month--All my birthday cards went out in the mail, yesterday, yes some will get some early, but they will get them:) Yes, some may be a little late too, but they will all get there wishes from you:) This also goes for other things too, like anniversaries, etc. Oh, and please, don't let the THANK YOU card go away, please remember to give thank you cards when you have received a gift, or something that needs to be appreciated.

Now on to other things. I woke up at 5:00 and wished my husband a good day with a kiss:) I used to make him breakfast, but he he has asked me not to do that anymore--he said he doesn't want to gain weight--I told him, he needs to eat something. He does love his weekend breakfasts though. Last nights dinner went fast----I can not believe how many dinner rolls disappeared. Tonight's dinner is going to be something with chicken, I will let you know, when I have figured it out:) I am going to go---a shower is calling for me--be back soon, have a wonderful Thursday morning, and remember make it a great day, think happy thoughts and keep a smile on your face!


Charree said...

Hey Julianne:
I greatly appreciate your prayers. I heard back from my doctor and everything seems okay for the time being. Thanks!

Julieann said...

Charree, That is great to hear, and thank you for coming by and telling me:)))