Tuesday, July 23, 2013




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Yum! I juice almost every morning and sometimes other times during the day. I don't care for the taste of the 'green' juice so I make that first and drink it down, then I can enjoy the rest of my juice. I do 2 handsfull of what ever green I have ...usually kale or spinach. To that I use 2 stalks of celery and i/4 apple (for taste lol). Then I do 4 carrots, the rest of the apple and other veggies or fruit depending on what I have. Lately I've been using a beet with it's greens.
After I had gallbladder surgery, I drank only juice for the first 10 days. I lost 15 lbs and rid of 3 'addictions' - caffeine, sugar, and fried foods. I look forward to juice. :)