Thursday, May 23, 2013


My SIL and I went out, all day...we had so many errands.
We had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant, at the Hibachi Bar. They do not use peanut oil, so it is safe.  There was another family that sat at the same Hibachi as us, and the little girl that sat next to Kevin also had a Peanut allergy.....Kevin has never met another child with a peanut allergy before.
This was what I ordered, Avocado Rolls :)

I stopped at this one clothing store, and I bought this summer dress:)
A few other things too :)

I got Kevin his new swimming trunks~~~Sonic the hedgehog, of course...LOL..I will share some more is getting late now, but I will be back tomorrow :)

Have a wonderful evening.
Oh, what about the Jury verdict of a hung jury?  WoW!

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