Thursday, April 26, 2012

Me Talking...LOL..trying something new :)

Turn off the music on my sidebar, to listen to the video:)  I need to talk louder next time....


Mari said...

It was nice to hear your sweet voice!
Happy Birthday to little Kevin!

Mrs Swan said...

Your vlogging!!! :)
Happy Birthday little Kevin!!! B's birthday is next Wed and he will be 4

Anonymous said...

Good job on your first video.

Mrs. U said...

It was wonderful hearing your voice!!!! You sound just as sweet as you look!!

I cannot believe Kevin is 5 already!! Elizabeth turned 6 yesterday. BOY they get big tooo quickly, don't they??

By the way, we are moving back to Atlanta! Definitely let me know the next time y'all are in town!!

(Mrs. U)

Julieann said...

Thank you everyone:)xo

Yes, Mrs. U!!!! We HAVE to meet up:))))