Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tuesday's are my shopping day, lots of fun filling my kitchen with good food for my family to eat and enjoy. Tomorrow, is Wednesday which is my cleaning day. The weather here is hot, it was close to 80 degrees, can you believe that? I know it is freezing everywhere else, so it is weird for it to be so warm here. Hope to blog more tomorrow:) Happy Tuesday!

Tonight's dinner, homemade pizza which each child can do there own:)


Tatersmama said...

Ohmigosh! I remember those carts in the picture! Does that age me, or what???

TJ said...

Love the photo!
Enjoy the 80 degrees, that was my fav part of going to school in Malibu for a year. It has been low 50's here, which is higher than normal. So strange when the Midwest and East Coast is dealing with so much snow.

My kids love make your own pizza nights. HOpe it went great!

Ann said...

Oh my, 80 degrees sounds wonderful, says the woman sitting around in layer upon layer upon layer of clothes.

Lady Black said...

Hi, Julieann^^
I'm Cherry from: myroomofsilence.blogspot.com
Now I write in another different blog.
I've been reading your blog again (it's been long since I read it for the last time until now)and yesterday I took one of the recipes you gave in this web to make my own pizza!! :D It was delicious and all my family enjoyed it. I'm happy to see that you're doing well and I'm enjoying again reading your posts.
By the way, I never saw those charts before!! I got quite shocked when I saw the picture. Were they really used there many years ago? They seem funny!! ^^
Well, I hope things go well for you and I'll keep reading you ;) My best wishes!!