Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It has been a bitter sweet last couple of days. My neighbors left yesterday for their new home in Colorado. I helped my friend pack, which was fun to spend time with her, but it was also sad knowing she was leaving. I grew very close to her and her daughter. Her daughter is the same age as my daughter, and they have known eachother since Kindergarten and got very close when they moved into our neighborhood. After they left, my daughter went into her room and cried, and I left her alone for a little bit, then went in her room and just held her as she cried. I remember when I moved away at 10 and left my best friend. Those feelings are real and hurt at any age.

It feels a little off this morning. I am so used to our morning coffee, or just our morning chit chats, running back and forth to each other's houses. It is a new season for them, and I guess for us as well. I took so many pictures the last 6 months, I am making a memory book, for my daughter and her daughter.

Today I also have to run to the market for a few things. My husband is not feeling well this morning, he started feeling sick last night. Hopefully the office will be slow today and he can come home early and rest.

My neighbors had a little fish, that the little girl whose name is Taylor, named Flipper. They could not take Flipper with them, so Taylor gave the fish to Alexis. I think it helps Alexis, having something of her friend.

Dinner last night was Turkey and Dumplings, tonight's dinner, I am not sure yet, but it won't be Turkey...LOL:)


Mari said...

I'm sorry about your neighbor moving. It's hard to have a good friend move, even though you will still be friends. The fish is nice for Alexis.

The Lady of the House said...

I'm sorry your friend moved. I hope you make a new friend as nice and close as the one who moved away, but I know that it won't be the same for you. That is really nice about the fish and the memory books you plan to make. What treasures!