Friday, March 30, 2007

Yay--It's Friday


It is Friday--YAY. I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and will have a wonderful weekend. I will be here at home. I am room mom today at my daughter's school--and then she has a Birthday Party later this afternoon--and that's about it.

I will be puttering around the house this weekend, and just doing what I always do on the weekend. Patiently waiting/and counting down the days for my baby's arrival.

Well, that is all for now--I will be back periodically to check in and read some blogs:)
Have a great Day!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Time:)


Busy Morning already:) I am taking a break before I go and pick up my daughter from school. After I dropped the children off, I came home and emptied out the dish washer, cleaned all the dishes from this morning. I pre-made my mashed potatoes, for tonights dinner----Look how light and fluffy they turned out---> I will put them in the oven to re-heat with a little cheese on top. Boneless Pork shoulder strips will be served along with a nice green salad---While the potatoes were boiling, I made dinner rolls, I didn't add a picture because they are already on here.
Next I cleaned out the inside of the fridge--this just seems like something, you have to always keep on top of, or it becomes over whelming. I surely don't want my MIL coming to my house and seeing funky things in my fridge..(LOL)
I think I have posted the outside before--but I just love the artwork--it always makes me smile.
Here is an Easter picture my daughter made for me--it is on the wall by my computer--another thing that makes me smile to see.
Here are the books we picked out from the library for Alexis. Tony did get the Lord of the Flies book for English--which I am kind of tempted to read myself, I did see the movie years ago, and that movie left me in AWWWW--I wonder if the book will too.
I have comet in all the toilets right now, for a good cleaning--and I also sprinkled comet in the kids bathtub, I am going to scrub that after I pick up Alexis from school.--I just hope I can give it a good scrubbing right before my MIL gets here too--or I might need the help of my Hubby which I so hate to ask.

It is a nice day today--sunny, I would say about 70.

Oh, another thing, remember how I ordered a new Visa Check card, well it is supposed to get here by Tuesday--which is totally fine, but Kevin had given me some cash until my card gets here---The day we cancelled the card, I didn't have any cash on me, and I didn't have my card, so my poor hubby had to make a store pickup for me, bless his heart. Well, my point is, it is kind of neat to have actual cash in my wallet, and have a visual of my budget.

...and something sweet my husband said to me yesterday--I was sitting down for a second because the baby was sticking something in his favorite spot, my ribcage, and it was hurting, so I sat down, and said to my husband, I bet you are anxious for the baby to come to give me something to do (I was totally joking) And my dear sweet Husband said, Honey, I don't know how you do what you do already:) I felt so appreciated at that moment, kwim?

Anyway, you all have a wonderful Thursday my friends xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lots to Do Wednesday!!

Today is Wednesday--Lots to do Wednesday. First of all I got all the kids breakfast, made lunches, and off to their school--now, I am back and I am going to make a quick post. I am going to vacuum the downstairs real quick, then I am off to Alexis's school to be room mom--then Alexis will have her play date--about 3 hours, until I have to go pick up Tony. Then I am going to go to the library and pick up a book Tony needs for school--hoping they have it--Lord of the Flies. I have chicken thawed in the fridge, so that will be dinner. Thank you all who take the time to come by and visit--it is so nice to meet all of you and read your blogs--oh there is just not enough time in the day for all I would like to do..(LOL)

Here are the breaded pork chops I made last night--they turned out really good, and my husband loved them.
Well, I am off, lots to get done. You all have a wonderful Wednesday, and I will be back later this evening to take a breath and enjoy your blogs:) XOXO

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

April 26th at 7:30 a.m.

I had a checkup today--everything is fine. I have me C-Section date set--April 26th at 7:30 a.m.---I am so excited. Can you believe it??

I woke up at 6:30 this morning---a little later then normal, or what I would have liked--but the baby decided it was time to play in the middle of the night--He was very active and really liked his foot in my ribcage for some reason. So I woke up with my alarm--I premake my coffee the night before, with those delay settings, so it was all ready when I woke up--I have it set for 5:00--because I like to wake up between 5:00 and 6:00.

I got Tony off to school at 7:40--then Alexis off at 9:15 and then on to my Doctor's. Alexis has weird hours this week due to conferences--so she gets out an hour earlier--YAY:) I set up a play date with another little girl for tomorrow, Alexis is very excited, and this little girl is such a sweet girl too.

I will be room mom tomorrow since I was not able to do it today. I want to get as much class time in as I can for my daughter, before the baby arrives..

After I had posted yesterday, my husband had called me and said his plans changed that he would be home early and in time for dinner, so my children had leftover chicken and my husband had hamburgers with bacon and cheese--and I made a salad too.

Tonight, Kevin may be late, but I am going to make pork chops--easy dinner--and everyone likes them too, and easy to reheat.

I can't believe in less then a month, my baby will be here----I keep forgetting to mention, that I won the auction for the breast pump--I got it for .99 cents, but shipping was 5.50--a breast pump for under 7 dollars made me so happy:) When I got it, everything was still wrapped in plastic, so it was new too. I would like a boppy--so I am using Jenny's advice and keeping my eye out on eBay--I couldn't believe they were selling for new for 5.00 and in the stores they are 34.00, amazing!!!

Alexis's school took spring pictures, here is the picture, and this is her total fake smile..(lol)

My pretty girl:)

Okay, I am totally rambling on--I am going to go for now so I can visit some blogs:) Everyone who has stopped by, I hope you all have a wonderful day:) xoxox

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, Pictures, Chatter

Good Morning. It is a cool Monday, and the news is saying rain tonight and in to tomorrow--I do enjoy the rain. When I was little my sister told me the rain was God doing laundry--and when it lightening and thundered he was bowling and got a strike, she also told me that sometimes the thunder was him rearranging his furniture.
I hope everyone's weekend was nice. We had a nice weekend too. We took the training wheels off of Alexis's bike, oh she was excited. Except, Kevin, bless his heart, didn't realize it takes awhile to learn--so he had to stop to take a break because he said his back was hurting---I feel bad, because I was able to teach Tony, but being in my condition, I didn't think it would be wise for me running down the street holding on to the back of her bike--Could you even imagine that (LOL)---anyway, we will try again--I know she will get it--we just need to practice, and in a few months after my body heels, I am sure I can help if she has not mastered it by then.
Over the weekend I was looking at my dining room and I wanted a new look----I want to get a new table cloth, but for now what I did instead, was take the table cloth off--I oiled the wood and put these place mats on it--I really like the clean, crisp look--the funny thing is my husband did not even notice...(LOL)
I think I mentioned my father had given me a highchair he had---here is what it looks like. I am going to get a little pad for the back and seat so it is comfy--but I like it, I wasn't too sure about it at first, but it has grown on me.
Containers--I just love putting things in containers--this is cereal I put in containers that I got at the .99 cents store. Keeps everything fresh, and also, we had some ants come in when it was warm, so this will keep them out of my food. Also, Alexis and I colored some Easter pictures, and hung them on my front door. I think those pictures look so much better then store bought, and plus my daughter put so much love and time into them:)

This pretty plant is by my front door and it produced these pretty flowers. Does anyone know the name of this plant?
And last but not least--here I am again---34 weeks and 1 day--I like to say, going into my 35th week (giggles) Not too much longer. Also, I want to say, that I am not hiding my face, but it is so hard to get a full body shot when I am taking the pic --I will have to have my son or husband take a full body shot.

My husband, has to do some late work tonight--so he won't be home until very late--so dinner will be very easy. We grilled carne asada and marinated chicken last night, and I have leftovers, so I know my son will love another burrito, and my daughter will like some chicken----I will make a dish of something, for when my husband comes home--not sure yet--but something nice and filling.

Monday's To Do's
Sweep hardwood floors
Sweep and mop Kitchen
Wash dish towels
Swish the toilets
Oh, I also want to wipe down the outside of the fridge--and organize the stuff on it, it has gotten a bit wild with school notes and pretty pictures.

That is all for now--Have a wonderful Monday!!! xoxox

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday chatter

I was listening to this show on parenting, so to speak--and this lady was giving tips on taking care of a newborn and getting back to work. She was saying to take advantage of having groceries being delivered to your home, hire some one to clean your home, have your laundry done..and so on. I did not like what I was hearing---Okay, I am thinking to myself, she is telling us to spend all this extra money on all these services--wouldn't it be cheaper to not work outside the home and take care of these responsibilities are selves??? I don't know--but I can not understand why some women are in such a rush to get back to work after they have a baby--or what really bothers me is when I hear some moms say how excited they are when summer is over and school starts again--or they complain and say, what am I going to do during there spring break for 2 weeks?? UGH---I love my kids, and my happiest moments is when we are together--I am a stay at home mom---and I love every single moment of it!!! Just like it states in my profile, there is nothing more satisfying then what I am already doing. It makes me so sad when I hear women getting those operations willingly so they can't have anymore children--I am not talking for health reasons--I am talking about men and women doing it for there own selfish reasons--Children are such a gift!!

Well it is Friday--yay!!! I am off to go be in my daughter's class. I then am going to work on more projects and spring cleaning. The sun is out and it is so pretty outside. You all have a wonderful day:)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday, Meatballs, Pictures

Alexis is very excited today--they are having a firetruck visit today--that is all she talked about last night--how exciting when you are 5, everything is so new and wonderful.

Here is a picture of my meatballs I made yesterday--I used half beef and half pork--added egg, bread crumbs, minced garlic, W Sauce, salt and pepper. I baked them in the oven--it depends on my mood--sometimes I bake them other times I fry. Baking is easier clean up.
Then I got out my crockpot, filled with spaghetti sauce and added the cooked meatballs--I let it do its thing for awhile so the meatballs would saok up the sauce.
Made a nice green salad--remember to use romaine, green leaf or red leaf--those are the ones loaded with vitamins--I add iceberg for crunch--yummy!!! There is carrots, cucumbers, green onion, celery, tomatoes and cheese in this salad. I make a big bowl and then put the cheese and tomatoes on seperately so the leftover salad will last until the next day. This is the bowl served to my husband.
This is the meatball sub--I put three meatballs, sauce and cheese then melted the cheese in the oven--they turned out very yummy!!!

This is what it looks like outside today--very blue sky and warmer then yesterday.
My tomato plants--do you see the flowers--yay--now I am hoping for some tomatoes..LOL--my grandmother is in Chicago right now visiting, or she would help me with these---my thumb is not green, but I try:)

Here is Bunny on my mantle--->Happy Spring:)
Here is a photo of my tummy taken just now--->Almost 34 weeks!!! .....and last but not least---> I was looking at Alexis's baby book and came across this photo--it is my husband's favorite and mine too. I had just had my daughter and looking at her for the first time. My husband took this photo. I wish I had one like this with my son, but he was an emergency C-section, so there were no pictures:( I will show a picture of me holding him, after I woke up though:) That will be in another post.

Well, I had a lot of fun posting these pictures. I must get some things done around the house, and I want to visit all your blogs too. Dinner will be something with Pork strips. I hope everyone who stops here has a wonderful Thursday xoxoxo

Thursday's To Do's
2 loads of Laundry
Sweep hard wood floors
Sweep kitchen
Swish toilets
Clean Bird Cage
...and so on--->

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday's Picture Post

First day of spring--this is what it looked outside my window this morning---I was hoping you could see my bird feeder hanging and there is a little bird on it eating, even in the rain, bless his little heart--we all need to eat even when it rains. It is in the 60's today, not too bad. When I first married my husband, he loved that I made him breakfast every morning--and I would also pack him a lunch--well after a while, he said he felt that he was gaining weight, and did not want me making him lunches anymore--then he asked that I only make breakfast on the weekends. Well, I did what he asked, even though I disagreed, I think it is very unhealthy to go all day with out food and then come home and eat a large dinner. Yesterday, Alexis and I were at the Grocery store and they had these french rolls on sale---> I am going to learn to make these homemade, but they are pretty big, so I know it will take a lot of work and these were priced really good--1.99. So we picked those up--and I went to the deli and bought roast beef and roasted turkey. After my husband went to bed last night--he goes to sleep very early----I made him a roast beef and turkey sandwich---with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and some cheese--I wrapped all that up seperate and then squirted a little mustard in a tiny tupperware and wrapped the bread up seperate. My husband is very picky--he does not like soggy sandwiches. So when he gets to the office, he will put the mustard on the bread and then stuff all the goodies in the bread---
I also bought little snack bags--and put some trail mix in oneand I put some dried apricots in another---I wrote a little note on the bag--and placed it all in the fridge for him to take with him. I woke up this morning to wish him my love and to have a good day at work and not to forget his lunch--he leaves for work between 4 and 4:30. He later called me and said his lunch was very good--he wasn't too thrilled with the apricots..oops----BUT, he didn't even try them (LOL) So I told him he has to at least try them----My kids just love them and they are so good for you! If you see them in the store, you have to try these dried apricots. I would love to be able to this in my dehyderator.

Over the weekend, I had picked up this package of bran muffin mix--yes, I do buy boxed goods on occasion:)
Since I am pregnant, I need all the fiber I can get--and I just love bran muffins with honey--so I made these over the weekend--I have to say these were the best bran muffins I have ever made. This is what they looked like before being cooked--->
Right out of the oven--->
..and on to a plate. The funny thing is---my kids devoured them----They loved them---hey, I think that is great--I am glad when they like such healthy snacks--so I will be buying this mix again--it was about 3.00 for a box and it made 9 . So I am doing good here--they are eating the trail mix, dried apricots and now the bran muffins--I just need to get my husband to at least taste an apricot--(LOL)

Now, on to something fun. This is the cake I made for St.Patrick's Day--it is a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting--that I added green food coloring too--yummy:)

I also made *The Best Ever Potato Onion Soup* Oh my--it was the best ever!!!!
Here is the recipe card--and if you click on the picture it should enlarge to get the recipe--->
This is what mine looked like when I made it--and it went fast. It was a nice beginning to my special St. Patrick's day dinner. I used my emersion blender to make it creamy smooth.Here is a tip I want to share: Whether you make your own cleaner or buy it--I bought spray bottles at the .99 cents store--and I filled them with glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner and each bathroom has those bottles--I also have in my kitchen a bottle with bleach and water, a bottle with Vinegar and water--and I have one with just plane water to spritz my birds or my plants--(They are all Labeled)-It is so nice to have glass cleaner in every bathroom for quick cleans of spots on the mirror or fixtures.
Last night for dinner, I made pizza with a green salad--it was very good. Tonight, I am going to make meatball subs and I am going to use those french rolls I have pictured above--and top them with lots of cheese--I will take pictures of them when they are done--I will serve those with a green salad. I am sure it will be a nice fun dinner. Well, I hope you all have a very nice First day of spring---I will be by to visit you soon xoxox

My Frustrating Friday

I am going to post about this before I do my picture post--my picture post is fun, and what I am about to write about now just frustrates me. Okay, first off--I am very faithful in taking my children to the dentist--and also with myself and my husband---but since I am pregnant, I have just opted out until I have the baby. Well, after we moved back to California--I had to find a new dentist--I could have gone back to my old one--but for some reason I picked someone new--well--he was referred to by my sister too. My husband has really good dental insurance too--it covers up too 1,500 a year, plus 2 free cleanings--and other stuff for each person. My husband has a very good paying job and we live nicely--we are not rich, but we don't need anything, if that makes sense--it isn't like we can just pick up and go to Hawaii for 2 weeks--but we have a nice house, car--etc--I am very frugal--and make sure I can make a dollar stretch as far as it can go---My husband works far too hard for me to just throw his money away. Okay, so now, when I was at the dentist, in the beginning, I had to fill out a bunch of forms--you know the usual. There was a form asking me for a credit card--well I put down my Visa Check card--and then I went to the lady who takes care of the money and told her--that I was very nervous about putting my credit number down and that I don't feel comfortable with them just being able to take money out when they feel they are just to be paid. She assured me that before they use my credit card, they always inform me and let me know so I can make payment my way--okay so I felt a little reassured--I should have gone with my gut feeling. Okay so during the year, I was very careful with my kids to stay with in the insurance guidelines--and paying everything that came up----When my daughter needed a baby root canal--they told me 200 out of pocket and made her appointment--so in the two weeks I saved the extra 200 dollars to pay them-----and the insurance covered the rest---so then after my daughter knocked her front cap off it cost 400 and out of pocket for me 55 ---I hope I am making sense---I want you to understand that I pay my part that my insurance does not--and when it is a lot of out of pocket, I save for it. I just don't have 500.00 to just hand out--in fact I don't really know any one who does. Okay so fast forward til now----On Friday, I was supposed to get my budget money--I get a call from my husband and he tells me that 400 dollars have disappeared from my checking account and it went to a Dr. C---My husband asks me if I know anything about this--I said no--so I get off the phone and call the Dentist---Well, the lady told me that all the insurance adjustments had come in and that they were 400.00 off of what they had told me to pay all last year and that the 400.00 made everything caught up---I told her, that I was not informed that this was going to happen, and she said she sent a bill--my husband told me he never received a bill for anything from the dentist--and I told the lady that I never received a bill and even if I did, she had no right to just take the money---oh well, they sure thought they had every right!!! I told them I want my money back and I will pay them accordingly---I was trying to be so sweet and understanding but inside I was fuming--I felt violated and mad--I have never had to ask a dentist for my money back--anyway, I explained to her--that through out the year, she knows darn well, I never would have made a payment of 400.00---maybe 200.00 now and 200.00 next month--I explained to her, that we have a house payment, car payment, light, gas, groceries and everything is budgeted very carefully so everyone gets paid and we don't get in debt---boy did she mess up my budget--I felt violated--does that even make any sense? Well, that evening I laid in Bed, and I prayed about it--I did not like feeling angry and mad--and wanted to let go of that feeling--so my husband told me to close that Visa card and get a new one with a new number and call the dentist and inform them that we will no longer be using there services. He wasn't mad, like I was, he was just a little ticked about how they were so sneaky about it--we even looked over all are bills and there wasn't anything that they said they had sent out---oh boy this is long--forgive my LONG run on sentence..LOL--ohhhh that felt good to get out--thank you so much for listening to my vent!!!

Now on to more fun and interesting posts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


What happened to Monday?? Before I knew it it was time to go to bed, I was thinking---oh, I didn't post. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, we had a nice, peaceful weekend--except i had something really frustrating on Friday afternoon happen, that I want to share with you all--you won't believe it!!

Anyway, I also took a bunch of pictures over the weekend to post. I am room mom today--so I will be gone for a bit. I also have to go to the library and turn in a book--and last but not least I have to do some grocery shopping-- it is unusual for me to do it on Tuesday, but it has to be done. I have some new shopping ideas I want to share too for the men in our life.

I did accomplish pretty much all my weekend to do's which included my Laundry--YAY!!! I need to pick up some Dreft and wash some baby clothes--the time is coming quick--Woohoo:) Well, that is all for now, if I can, I will post a better post tonight, but if not I will be back to my regular posting by tomorrow:) You all have a blessed day--and on my Calendar it says the first day of spring is tomorrow--YAY:)

Friday, March 16, 2007

St. Patrick's Day, Friday Fun Day and Chores

Today is Friday--and I am feeling so much better then I was yesterday--thank you all for your well wishes. I slept really good too, and was up bright and early. Yesterday, I was talking to Alexis's teacher and telling her I might not make it in today, because I was feeling so icky--and she said, don't worry--well, God is good--I feel great and I will be in Alexis's class today--it is her art day, and they call it *Meet the Masters* My husband teases Alexis and says, *I am the Master*--okay it is funny when he says it--it is one of those things that I guess you have to be there. Have you ever made cubed steak? Well, it can be so tough and chewy--my husband just loves cubed steak--so what I did was fry it like Chicken fried steak, and then after that, I put it in a casserole dish and covered it with foil and baked it in the oven for an hour, it came out very tender--YAY!!!

Tonight's dinner, I am going to make Nachos---my husband's favorite, and a very easy kitchen friendly dish --gotta love that.

Tomorrows Dinner:
Saint Patrick's Day
Potato Soup
Corned beef<----I have been asked how to cook it, I just cook it on the stove like a pot roast--it comes with the flavor packet with all the spices and such--so it is really easy---I got mine for 5.77, but now they are in the stores for 2.00 woohoo:)
Steamed Cabbage
Irish Soda Bread
Green salad--Romaine, iceberg, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and cheese--with oil and vinegar dressing
Green jello with whip cream
Chocolate cake with green frosting
Green Kool-aid for the kids<---I am not a fan of Kool-aid, but once in awhile it is a fun drink for the kids--and my motto is, anything in moderation is okay.

Friday's are called Friday Fun days----after I pick up my children from school--I take them to get Slurpee's and a treat---I would say candy--but they usually pick out a piece of beef jerky (LOL). Then we come home and I start in on the weekend chores. I really want to deep clean/organize my daughter's room--my Mother in Law, is going to stay with us for week when the baby comes, so I want that room sparkling!!! She is flying out from Georgia--it will be so nice to have her here--she is such a wonderful Mother in Law--I am truly blessed with Kevin's side of the family.

Friday/weekend to do's and chores
Bake bread
Rolls and bagels
Buy pink Tupperware storage box I saw at walmart for some of Alexis's toys
Take training wheels off Alexis's bike and take her to the park
Empty and clean pool
Plant Tomato plants
Clean all showers
Mop floors
Swish toilets
Clean Mirrors
Wash all bedding
You get the idea..LOL

Have a wonderful weekend filled with love and happiness--I will be back to post this weekend, but just in case we don't chat until Monday, I leave you all with ((Gentle Hugs))

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday's Ramblings

Hello!! Today is Thursday---and I am really feeling pregnant today. I was able to sleep last night--yay--but then half way through the morning---I got really nauseous---yucky!!! I did all I could do to get Alexis ready and off to school--I got the cold sweats, oh it was awful--I had so wished I had help at that moment, I wanted to call my husband and cry and tell him how bad I felt. As, I was walking back to my car, a mother started talking to me, and I guess she saw I was not feeling good, (I am usually a chatter box..LOL) and said she would bring Alexis home for me after school if I still felt bad--what a sweet lady--I told her Thank you and said I just needed to get home and lay down. Well, I am home and feeling better---I have never had morning sickness with any of my children, I have been nauseous in the past when I wasn't pregnant, I do have a tender tummy---so I am not sure--okay, I am rambling. I wanted to post this, because when I look back on my blog, I will remember this day--the good and the not so good----Blech!!! I have let the laundry pile up--and I so need to get it done---The downstairs is nice and tidy--the kitchen is clean--I have a plan for dinner--I vacuumed--so that is good. Now, if I can stay feeling pretty good, I really need to pay attention to the upstairs---I have some tiding up to do up here--so if you visit me today--don't feel bad, if I don't invite you upstairs (giggles) Oh the joys of pregnancy.

On to other news: I read yesterday that Michelle Duggar is due to have her 17th baby in July--Bless her heart--she is such an inspiration----I have seen/read about other large families, but hers is the one that really catches my interest. When I grow up I want to be just like her (LOL)

Remember my chicken I wanted to use up yesterday--well I didn't have as much as I thought, so I cooked up a few more pieces---cubed it all up--added celery, green onions, carrots, chedder and monteray cheese--a can of mushroom soup--mixed it all together and put it in a casserole dish---see--->

Then I topped it with bisquick mix, milk and an egg and baked it----it was a mock chicken pot pie--->
It disappeared--everyone enjoyed it. I also made a green salad to go with it.

Thursday's To do's:
Get all the laundry out of Tony's room
Vacuum upstairs---also either sweep up the stairs to get the cheeze it's Alexis spilled--get Kevin to carry vacuum on stairs for me--or just let the dog have at it.
Swish toilets and Lysol everything--not sure if I am coming down with something or if it is pregnancy related----
Laundry, laundry, laundry!!
I have cubed steak out for dinner---I am either going to make chicken fried steak--or stuff them---I will keep you posted:)

Have a wonderful and blessed day xoxoxox

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cleaning Products---

Thank you all for answering my questions, I enjoyed reading everyones answers----we all seem to have a lot in common:) I am so hoping my back and leg don't start hurt to today, It kept me from doing everything I wanted to get done yesterday--and that bothers me (LOL) Sometimes if i wiggle certain ways I can get the baby to move away from what ever it is he is on that makes my insides hurt--and other times, he likes to stay put---enough about that. After reading about everyones favorite cleaning products, I thought I would list a few of mine. I would love to use all natural and homemade cleaning products--but after awhile I always seem to go back to what I really like. I know Mrs.A posted about homemade detergent on her blog and she is going to give us a review after she has made and used it--patiently waiting for that:) I have heard good things and not so good--like certain things looking a little dingy--so we shall see what she has to say--(No pressure Mrs. A) :o)

First on my list would be Vinegar---I just love vinegar for so many things---from putting it on our salads---sunburns--to heating it up in the microwave and spraying it all over the shower (Shower comes so clean)--to deodorizing the dishwasher and cleaning out the coffee pot--and also dying Easter eggs;)

Second: OxiClean-----such a great stain remover---when we lived in Georgia--it helped get the red clay mud off my son's socks--YAY!!!

Third: Bleach--okay, what doesn't this stuff do???

I also, like pine-sol, Comet cleanser, sos pads and so on--I think you get the picture. When I am well stocked in all my cleaning supplies, I am such a happy girl:) Candy mentions she ties pretty bows on her cleaning products--I am going to tie a pink bow around my bleach and start cleaning.

I baked my chicken last night and I have some left over--so I might save that for something to use tomorrow, or I might make a chicken casserole tonight. Whatever I do, I will use up the leftover chicken---

On my spring cleaning kitchen list, I still have the stove burners to scrub--so that is on my list to do's and I have been cleaning the outside windows one by one (the ones I can reach of course)

Happy Wednesday Everyone:) xoxoxox

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My husband called and is going to be home at 6--I have dinner in the oven--and I just needed to sit down for a minute--the baby is sitting on a nerve which is really hurting my back and leg---so I thought I would ask some nosey questions. I just love to read about everyone's daily life, so if you don't mind I am going to ask some questions---and if you would answer them either in the comment section or on your blog, I would love to read the answers. I will keep this group of questions short---and then ask more the next time I have to sit and rest for a minute--okay?

1. What time do you wake up in the morning?

2. What time do you go to to bed?

3. Do you make your bed every day?

4. Do you wear makeup?

5. What day do you liketo go grocery shopping?

6. What is your favorite Cheese?

7. What book are you currently reading?

8. Favorite time of day?

9. Favorite cleaning product?