Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Can you believe it was 106 degrees here in Southern California??!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!! Well, all I can say is I am very thankful for the A/C, I would not have been able to get anything done in this sweltering heat! Our summer was very cold, and now it is very hot. Well, it sure isn't stopping me from getting in the Fall spirit:) I have been decorating and today I am doing some baking:)

You would not believe the laundry I have knocked out. I am washing EVERYTHING!!...and it feels so nice to get so much done.

Tonight's dinner is going to be something with Hamburger, either cheeseburger pie, or mushroom burgers, have not decided yet:)

For those of you here in Cali, stay cool, for everyone else, stay warm...LOL

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

We had a good weekend, and was it HOT!!!! I can't wait for it to start feeling like fall. I have been decorating the house for Fall, LOVE IT!

Today is picture day for my daughter, she looked so beautiful:)

....and for me today, LAUNDRY!!! Whoe else will be joining me on Laundry duty?

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lunch Time Talk:)

We had an early lunch today. Mainly because, we had an early breakfast too. School days we are up bright and early so sometimes lunch gets served early. I print out the lunch menu off of Alexis's school website and put it on the fridge, then on certain days she will buy her lunch, especially on the days they serve, teryiaki dippers. Also on really cold days she will buy her lunch so she has a nice hot lunch to fill her tummy. No matter if she buys or takes her lunch, I always pack things in her lunch pail. I buy those packs of carrots with ranch for dipping, apples, string cheese, yogurt, a hard boiled egg, crackers, chips, goldfish,all kinds of cut up veggies, cookies, etc..I am sure you get the picture. I can't seem to find a thermos at the store,( I have looked everywhere, you think it would be simple to find, I don't want a huge one, I found those, I want a small one to fit in her lunch pail) I would like to send some hot soup on days too. Today, she took her lunch, I made a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple, yogurt, string cheese, carrots with ranch, gushers and a juice. Tuesdays are her early day, so she will be home shortly after lunch. Today for Little Kevin I made him little pizzas, cut up apple and tomatoes(He loves those cherry tomatoes) and some cottage cheese. I know it is early, so he will have something a little later. He seems to be a grazer. Dinner is normally at 5:00.

What are some things you pack for your children for lunch. I would love to hear what you all do:)

P.S. It is almost Fall~~~~YaY!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hope everyones weekend was wonderful! Mine was very productive. I just got very motivated the last couple days, and I am still going. I worked really hard organizing my daughter's room, it is so nice now. Sometimes, I would get so overwhelmed with things I didn't know where to start. My house is never dirty, but the piles of clutter here and there were really getting out of control. Well, I have put all the clothes away. I have a full bag of things I am throwing away, kind of like the flylady, where she says to throw out 27 things, I think mine was more like 47(there was nothing worth donating, trust me)...LOL. I have started decorating for fall. I have baked bread, made a cheesecake. I even have some cans of pumpkin ready to make a pumpkin pie~~~YaY!! can't wait to do that. I am just waiting with anticipation, for when the stores start stocking there stores with pumpkins. OH, and what about all those holiday coffee creamers, and egg nogg, YUM!!!!!!!!!

For dinner, will be steak and potatoes:) Have a wonderful Monday! I am so excited for Fall:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

Busy morning!! School, Dentist, Walmart and then Albertsons. Corn on the Cob was only 10 cents an ear:) I am now home, and I am making bread. I also made a cucumber salad. Tonight's dinner with be boneless pork chops with onions and mushrooms, loaded mashed potatoes (box)..and Corn on the cob of course...LOL.

My husband has been in Northern California all week and should be home anytime now, YaY!!

The weather here is really nice, cool in the mornings and evenings and warmer during the day.

I am so happy the weekend is here, I just love having my whole family home.

OH, I bought the Ped Egg today and I have to say it does a pretty good job. My heels were not looking so great. I wear sandals all the time, so I guess it did a number on my heels, but now they look a lot better:)

Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 03, 2010


I have mentioned these videos before and they are just so fun. "Nancy Today" is such a heartwarming lady, and welcomes you in to her home everyday to share her home with all of us. She does cooking, shopping, cleaning and so many other topics on her videos. Her humer and take on life is just precious. I sure wish she was my neighbor:) Here is one of the videos. Check it out! I guarantee you have never seen eggs cooked like this....LOL. I hope you enjoy this video and all you have to do is google her and I think she has something like over 6,000 youtube videos up. LOVE THEM!!

Tonight, I am going to make a Shepard's pie for dinner. I will also have a salad to go along side of that. Last night with the chicken I made, I also made macaroni and cheese, corn and a salad:)

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

P.S. still working on getting all the laundry put away..LOL

ETA: Scroll down my side bar to turn my music off:) so you can hear the video:)

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Pumpkins! I can't wait to buy some.
I want to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, bread, soup, etc...oh what fun the Fall season is!
I put Fred out yesterday, and am contemplating when to start decorating the rest of the house.

Last night for dinner, I made these Italian sausages stuffed with four cheeses, they were really good. Tonight I am going to do something with chicken. We went to the Costco, over the weekend and stocked up on lots of good stuff. I asked about the mini sweet peppers I bought, and I am really not sure what to do with them, so I have been putting them in salad, and Alexis likes to eat them as a snack. I also bought eggs at Costco, they come in a pack of 5 dozen. I love eggs, there are just so many things you can do with them. My kitchen always has to be stocked, with Milk, eggs, butter and bread:)

School starts next Wednesday, I am not thrilled about that. We will be getting Alexis a new back pack and lunch pail this weekend, and some other things for school. I do love school supplies though...LOL.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Welcome Spetember and Fred!

He's Back....LOLPlease, everyone welcome my dear scarecrow Fred back. He is so happy to back. Everytime I go through the front door he makes me smile. I know it isn't officially fall, but Fred really puts me in the mood for all the wonderful days to come:) I love getting the home ready for the holidays.

I did a lot already this morning. I did all my laundry, but now, I have this huge task of putting them away. I need to bring them upstairs off my dining room table. I can't stand the clutter on my table, so I am going to work hard and try and get it all put away. Then on to kitchen work:)

Oh, also, I bought a bag of mini sweet peppers, and now I am at a loss of what to with them. Any ideas or recipes? My daughter just enjoys eating them right out of the bag:)

Happy Wednesday and welcome September!