Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of the Year!

2007 is coming to an end.....and I am excited for 2008, wonderful things are happening and I am thankful for every single day--because every day is a gift from God. I don't make resolutions, I think they are silly for me--I think every day we should be thinking and doing good--not just one day out of the year. I don't believe in *Dieting* I believe in eating right and in moderation--I of course have had some bad habits/vices---I was a smoker--oh, how I loved to smoke--isn't that just a terrible thing to say? I was a closet smoker---I hid, because I was embarrassed---I remember one day, my sister asked me if I was smoking and I replied yes and she said, Julie--You are so pretty why on earth would you do something so ugly?? Boy, oh boy did that hit me.

I don't know why I just posted that---but I did--I am not a smoker anymore, and I don't ever plan to smoke again--but I do miss them occasionally.

Enough about that...

When I was pregnant, I stretched out all my under garments----so over the weekend, Kevin took me and I bought me all new undergarments---I purged everything out of my drawer----OHHH, I was so happy!!!

Now, I am working on my closet----remember my closet--do I dare show a before picture...LOLA bunch of my white blouses are being washed and then I will press them and hang them up.I am going to go through every single garment and try it on--if it fits I will keep it--if it doesn't---I am going to pack it up.
Okay, so there is my closet--fun, huh? ...LOL--actually I am enjoying it.

I forgot to buy black eyed peas for our New Years dinner, so when I drop Alexis off at her Brownie meeting I am going to pick up some black eyed peas for New Years dinner--I don't believe in the luck aspect of the peas, it is just tradition, kwim?

well---I think I chattered enough--I must get back to the closet while baby is napping:)

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I made waffles this morning for breakfast with my new waffle maker:

1st attempt.......LOL
(Yes, you can laugh)

2nd attempt---YAY!!!

After the first one, they were very easy, now that I know how--and they tasted very good too.

Friday, December 28, 2007

HAPPY Friday!!

Happy Friday! There are so MANY things I want to do..........My girlfriend called me, and she said, Julie, do you ever have just so many things you want to get done but you can't and you just watch it all around you and not be able to do a thing? I giggled and said, YES!!! as a matter a fact I do know what you mean...LOL. I have to read the Brownie manual that we got--I kept thinking I have plenty of time, well Monday once again is creeping up on me--so this weekend I must read it. I am going to leave the tree up until New Years--last year I took it down early because it was a real tree and I was getting kind of scared of fire.

The weather here is cold--but not that cold--I remember days in Georgia when it was that cold. I would love to be just snowed in here one day..LOL---all cozy in the house--sometimes I pretend, and bake away.

I am still breastfeeding, and I have dropped 5 pounds a month---I actually have been stepping on a scale just to see--I don't normally do that. I was pleasantly surprised when the scale said 115---I was 97 pounds when I married my husband. I swear the extra weight is milk...:::giggles:::: Enough about that.

On my list-----
Kitchen; I want to scrub it--with BLEACH!
Read Girl Scout manual
Put badges on her vest
Get Tony's suitcase ready
CLEAN HIS ROOM GOOD, (after he leaves)
Wash all floors
Organize inside of car
Organize baby clothes
Organize my closet----oh I should take a picture.
Straighten My bedroom
..etc, etc, etc...lets see how far I get.

Dinner--OHHH, I want to use my new steamer--it is so awesome---I can do so many things. My steamer that broke, I not only steamed my rice, but I steamed all my veggies too---after it broke, Kevin told me to go get a new one, I never did, I just steamed the old fashioned way--and yes, it is NOT the same-----ohhh, I am so happy--now I have to go the farmers market and get all sorts of fresh veggies to steam. last thing before I forget--for Christmas next year, we are going to Georgia for 2 weeks--YAY!!!!!! My MIL is going to fly us all out--I am thrilled--she has even started getting her downstairs ready for us :::giggles::::.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Christmas Post With Pictures

:::Whew::: It is a cold night tonight. I am wearing my warmest nightgown--and the children are all snug asleep:) I just finished cleaning the kitchen, and I am now having a little computer time. Hopefully my fingers clacking on the keyboard won't wake anyone. I am sharing some pictures of my Christmas. I was a bit behind on things I wanted to do--but everything had to wait while I went to the funeral on Sunday---Everything from that day is still clear in my head--my friend, told me the day was all a blur--and I told her if she needed any details I would help her remember--I took notice to a lot of detail that day---

Christmas was small this year----In Georgia we always had at least 20 people over----I find it easier to cook for a large number of people then for a small--My father was tired this year and said he wasn't having a big Christmas, so it was just my little family this year--it was sweet:)

This is our tree--with presents wrapped.

Alexis in her new Christmas nightie
::Giggles::: It is soooooo early! Santa was very loud...LOLAlexis had outgrown her bike, so she got a new one--she has been riding it everyday since.
Ohh, my sweet baby---When I went to get the choo choo at the store, they only had one left and it wasn't working properly--I was not sure if it was in need of new batteries, but I did not want to chance it--so I got this little Fisher Price farm--(the train was 29.00 the farm was 26.00)
My Tony--waking up:)
Alexis wearing her Hannah Montana wig

Me in the wig......
HA!!! Kevin in the wig...LOL

Big Kevin Helping Little Kevin

Kevin got me a waffle maker.....
...and a new steamer---YAY!!!! My old steamer had broken, and I was without one for a while--I must have been a good girl...LOL:)
Tony got a PlayStation 3
..and a new weight set-----(Don't look at the mess in the garage)

We had prime rib for dinner with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, corn--a few appetizers, etc. With the left over meat I made beef tacos tonight----they came out so good--I just had a veggie taco though--I don't eat much meat.

I have lots to do now--I need to re organize Alexis's room to fit her new things----Get Tony ready for his trip to Washington---and all the fun stuff that comes with being a wife and mother:)

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus!
Thank you.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

So Sad!

My best friend's husband passed away on Monday---he was in a car accident on the Ortega's---he died instantly. I went to the service today----ohhh, to hear my friend cry was just heartbreaking!!!

The service was very lovely---the music was beautiful----and my sweet friend is hurting---

I hugged her and she held on so tight----I had no words to comfort her---but I told her I loved her and I would be here for any of her needs. She is my friend, my dear friend!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Around the House

Chocolate Kisses on my Christmas Dish Pinecones That Alexis and I glittered, put along my window sills
Smelly Candles
Homemade Cookies
Yummy Tangerines--so easy to peel--and so juicy

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Love These Pictures!

His new hat!

He claps his hands now!

Pledge of Allegiance!

Pledge of Allegiance--Alexis and a few of her classmates led her whole school in the Pledge of Allegiance this morning!!!


I know---they are dark.... :(

Christmas Pageant! 12-17-07

Ignore the date on the camera...LOL--I don't know how to fix it...LOL;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh My.....

I have so many pictures I wanted to share today--but time evaded much to do--so little time:)

Everything will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon--I have Alexis's Christmas party to take care of tomorrow--and on to top of all that she is receiving a reading award, so I have to be at the school for that too------oh, the hustle and bustle of life---how wonderful it is to be mom---

I am making BBQ with the leftover pork roast--so as soon as Kevin gets home from putting Gas in my car we can have dinner.

Have a great evening!! Doesn't everything look so pretty with all the Christmas lights up everywhere---I keep saying to baby, "P.R.E.T.T.Y"...LOL----what if that is his first word.. :o)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are You Ready?

It is supposed to rain a LOT!!!! this afternoon.---I did all my errands early today, so I can stay cozy in the house. Alexis is having a Christmas party on Thursday, and I am making turkey rolls to bring, so I got the turkey and the cream cheese. I also found a nice pork roast to put in my crock pot--that was on sale, the house smells soo good, I added the onion soup mix to it. Alexis's class made stockings and each parent is supposed to put something in it on Thursday--I bought big sour watermelon candy canes and I am going to put bows on each one-----

Alexis had her winter pageant yesterday and she also had a brownie meeting--so I was B.U.S.Y!!! She has a playdate this afternoon.
..and I have things I just need to do---I got all my Christmas cards out too---YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So, they should all get to their destination by Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's FRIDAY!!!


I am so happy it is Friday! :o)

Would you all take a moment and answer my poll----->

I am making Christmas Dinner----and we were discussing the menu--Kevin and I and Tony---and I was thinking about making a ham---My husband was thinking about Prime Rib--and Tony, loves everything...LOL.

In other news, I am going to pick up my Christmas cards this morning---Kevin could not decide on what picture to use, and he wanted them done professionally--but time was running out--so I ordered them and used the picture I posted in my Thanksgiving day post---He was fine with that--sometimes I just have to take things into my own hands and decide...he is just fine with the Christmas cards too--so I will get them out on Monday:)

OHHH, back to dinner---I saw Paula make a side dish and mix a can of cranberries (not the jelly) and a can of Mandarin oranges---she also put nuts in it--but I think I will skip the nuts. It looked good.

I did some baking last weekend, but I am going to do some more this weekend too---also some shopping-----Tony wants a weight set--and I want to get Alexis a doll house and some webkinz------ohhhh, and for baby Kevin, I am going to get him this Fisher Price train (Picture above)--I saw a commercial for it--and it is sooooo darling!!!

Baby is up--I will be back :o)

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was at the highschool all morning discussing Tony's future. Tony does not really enjoy school too much, (He loves the social aspect of it) and I really have to push him to get things done. We have come up with a plan so he can graduate on time and go on to college. It is so draining to be on him all the time---I tell him that he may hate me at times but in the long run when he is older he will be happy I did not give up. Tony is 15 and he is sooo smart---last year, I am not sure if you remember I posted he got the highest test grade on his final in English--he just does not see what every one else sees---he can do anything, be anything he wants to do--he can go to any college he wants too---He wants to get a little part time job, but every place wants him to cut his hair. I just hope this meeting has helped him and I will do more encouraging then I have---he really gets mad at me when I ride him about his studies, and it is hard when your teenager says they don't like you---::Sigh:::

I pray about this all the time.

Baby is up--be back shortly! :)

Random Pictures!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Wednesday.

I know I said I was going to post my menu plan for this week--but sometimes things just happen, and I can not get here to do all the things I would like. My blog is in desperate need of a house cleaning----

Monday's Dinner: Baked Chicken

Tuesday's Dinner: Breaded pork strips

Wednesday's Dinner: Kids night---hubby will be eating dinner at his meeting---he has not missed dinner at home in ages.

Thursday Dinner: Hamburger's with onion soup mix and some sort of potato side

Friday's Dinner: I am thinking of homemade pizza---I will let you know!

Just a little side note about my dinners---my husband's favorite part of dinner is a salad before, so even if I don't type it, a salad is 99.5% always made--and two side dishes--a starch and a cooked veggie--and bread is served a lot too.

As a craft, my daughter painted some more of my pine cones with glue and then glittered them--and we have also been doing that with ornaments for the tree.

My Grandmother has been sick--she had to go to the emergency room for her asthma last night----she is in bed resting now, so hopefully by this weekend she will be all better.

It is very cold here in the mornings---so we have to bundle up. I love the cold so very much.

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Decorations!

My Grandmother made this Noel --- My tree---okay here is the story on my tree--every year we get a live tree--my husband usually picks the biggest tree he can find--and he spends a pretty penny on it too--well, I went shopping and found this sweet tree--it is fake and it was 30.00 on sale for 19.99--woohooo-----on the box it says it is a 6 foot tree--I am going to have my son take my picture next to it---I bet I will look tall--I am only five feet.

..and the best thing--my husband thought, I did good:)