Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Thursday!! June 16 20015

Good Morning!
It is Thursday, and it is a very warm day here in Georgia :)

Look at this Beauty!!  Hello:)

 ( click recipe to enlarge)
Courtesy of my Betty Crocker Slow Cooker Cookbook!

 This is the cabbage casserole...I know it looks like mush, BUT, trust me, it was a huge hit!!!  I made fresh dinner rolls, corn on the cobb and a nice green salad....It was a really nice dinner.
Last but not least, a picture of yours truly!!  Can you believe how long I have been writing this blog????  Almost a decade??!!!  Who would have thunk....LOL  :)

On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced he is running for President~~~He has my vote.  I think he and Ben Carson should team up.  I so want our beautiful country to get back on track.

We are on summer break, I think I have mentioned that several times...LOL.  I am painting our deck, I am doing a little at a time, and it is really looking good.  It is a job, especially in this a little bit at a time is a good thing!

Father's Day is this Sunday, so I will be making a nice dinner for my husband and my Father in Law....My Dad is in Cali, so I will call him.  I have the best Dad ever :)

I hope every one who stops by has a wonderful Thursday, and remember if it is too hot for you outside, it is too hot for your pets...bring everyone inside!

One more thing~~~~> Here is the nail color I am using.  It's quite pretty :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A Little DIY's :)

 I found these twigs outside and spray painted them silver and then tied a pretty white bow around them and hung them on my wall in my living room, I think it looks really pretty and kind of "farmy"
 I love Ball Jars.....I took these two and left them clear and filled them with q-tips and cotton balls and put them on my vanity sink :)
I also took this Ball Jar and spray painted it white, tied a bow around the top and put flowers in them.  I placed it on top of my fridge between my cow canisters ...I love the look :)