Sunday, February 28, 2021

*My Husband’s Birthday Cake*

Vanilla cake with a butter cream filling and vanilla frosting ♥️


Friday, February 26, 2021

*Ruth's Chris Restaurant Happenings *

Ruth Chris's Menu
Lobster Feast can not go unnoticed, everything under the sea was in this awesome presentation
Served on ice..with lemon, shell crackers, little forks, your appetizer plate

Everything was shelled in a way for easy access...simple!
The coffee, is my absolute favorite part of this whole dinner experience.  They bring you your very own French Press and it is just deliciousness all to  I love the white coffee cups, just like home.  You can see I wore pink lipstick...LOL..The inside of my face masks are fact, my face masks when I need to wear them are pink.

                       Shoestring potatoes...super crispy, like potato chips.
                             My yummy house salad with grilled lemon

Everyone had steaks, lobster macaroni and cheese, you can see a picture of it above next to the shoestring fries. Creamed spinach was also served which was absolutely scrumptious!!
It was a celebration of my husband.  It was his birthday dinner and oh boy, what a birthday dinner it was.
They ended it with a beautifully plated cheese cake dessert with the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written in chocolate 

 I must end this with the
Happy Birthday my love!!
Next post...THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!