Thursday, June 27, 2019

Happy Summer Days!

When I wake up, I try and always think of things
I am grateful for.
I say a little prayer and thank God for everything I have, beginning with my children.
I am and will forever be, God's girl :)

Here is my gratitude journal

Here is the birthday table I started for my daughter.  We have a lot planned for my daughter who is turning 18.  This is a sneak peek of what's to come.  I will post all about the shenanigans next will be exciting...

What possibly could be in those gifts?

My new pair of running shoes...they are like running on a cloud.  I put a youtube playlist together and I run..I listen to meal planning, meal preps, lifestyles, or even court cases

Over the weekend, my daughter and I stopped at Smoothie King..we ordered this beauty...Kale and Lemon Smoothie..It tastes sooooooo must taste this before you judge it...LOL

Here is a peek at my bedroom..I just love my bed and the more pillows the better.....A little tip:

Always make your bed...every single day!!  It makes the room look great and sets the tone for the rest of the home...along with the dishes...never leave a sink full of dirty dishes over want to wake up to a fresh start.  It takes a lot of the anxiety out of the mix, by doing those two simple things on the daily.

Fruit Salad...yummy, yummy!!

How about those glasses....and my fly away hairs...LOL..I wake up like this....tee hee!
I am forever grateful for each day I wake up...Life is beautiful, and you my friends are beautiful too!!!

Pool days give me life...Vitamin D makes me feel soooooooo good :)
Do you see that slide in the will never see me go down that...LOL.....I know how to surf in the ocean, but that slide scares me.  I learned how to surf in the Pacific ocean when I was 25....but that slide??!!!  Hard no...:)

Some happy pictures!

My new glasses from  The GAP...I can't wait to show you how I store all my sunglasses...pretty neat setup..stay tuned for that :) 

How do you store your sunglasses?  Where do you buy yours?  A favorite spot for me is also Kohl's  ~~~~My second home (SHHHH)

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Monday, June 24, 2019

*Menu Plan Menu*

I am so glad you could join me, in my weekly meal plan.  If you have a meal plan made, please share it with me :)

First of all, this week will be kind of wonky in the meal plan category.  My daughter turns 18 on Saturday, so there is a lot going on as in eating out.  So this week will be different than a usual meal plan.

 Weekly Menu Plan:

In No particular order and it can change at any time--this is just a base!

*(All dinners are served with a fresh green salad and steamed veggies of some sort---I also like to include a starch and a dinner roll of some kind---of course with the exception of certain meals like tacos)

Street Tacos

Chicken Breasts
Steamed Rice

Pasta Bake
Garlic Biscuits

Thursday will be dinner out
Friday will be dinner out 

Saturday will be dinner out
Sunday TBD*

I know this menu is quite different than my usual menu plans, but it will all make sense at the end of the week...I will, of course, add video and pictures of all the dinners.
You only turn 18 once, right???!!!

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*Dinner Time*

Happy Monday!!!
New Vlog is up.
Check it out, it is all about the dinners I made through the week:)
Let me know what you think.

Good things are coming #mondaygoals

I have a lot planned for my blog and vlogs..... stay tuned. 
Sending lots of love and gratitude your way ♥️

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Great Saturday .... woohoo!!

Happy Saturday!!

It was an absolute awesome day!!  We went shopping today and hit all sorts of fun stores.  We also went to Costco, and I will be sharing a nice little haul from there on my channel, so don’t forget to subscribe to that. Good times await. Lol. As you can see by the picture, we also went to Gap and Nike. I am starting to stock pile for school days. It is never too early to start school shopping, right??!!
After a full day of shopping we were able to have some pool time.
I am also working on my menu plan for the week. That will be posted on Monday. Hopefully it will give you ideas for dinner. 
This has been a fantastic week and I am so excited to share my life with you all. Remember, we are all in this together 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Friday!!

We did it!!!
We made it to Friday. know what that means, it means, Starbucks Friday...woohoo.

It was an absolute glorious day today.  My daughter and I spent a few hours at the pool...oh, it was nice.  A little Vitamin D to make you feel good :)

I also ran 3 1/2 miles along with doing my Peloton
I am absolutely obsessed with my Peloton.

After my morning run, I did a Target run..TEE HEE. 

I am getting ready to celebrate a whole week of my daughter turning 18..lots of little surprises all week long with a great big surprise at the end...I will surely let you all know...soon, very soon.  My daughter reads my blog so I will post after the fact all about her Birthday :)

Here I am in my office.  Do you like my pink purse?  It is one of my favorite purses,,,I got it from Amazon.  Pink is my signature color...blush and, pink and pink...LOL..

This week, I am taking my son and daughter to get their hair trimmed.  I need my eyebrows threaded......don't look too closely at that will see my eyebrows are a hot mess...a lovable hot mess, but a mess all the same. 

We will get some pool time in too.  I will also do my menu plan once a *Menu Plan Monday* is coming....I will post that on Monday for all of you, along with a video.  So with that said, don't forget to subscribe to my channel...I did a *Mini Dining Room* tour too..that was a lot of many videos are in the works.....keep coming back.  I am hoping you are enjoying my blog and vlogs.
You all are the best!  Leave me a comment here or on my you tube channel to let me know who is here.  I know I still get a lot of visitors here because blogger lets me leave me a comment ...I would love that.

If you are following my Menu...tonight was "out to eat night" actually turned into pickup night...we all got different things from different restaurants....

Have a great Friday and I will be back tomorrow with another post.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Clothes, Salad, Dinner and Me!

This beautiful salad was made by me for my is filled with lots of love...and veggies :)

Pork chops, spinach and yes...those are tater tots....

Image may contain: food

Here are my racks of clothes that do not fit in my closet.  They have leaked out of my closet and into my office.  What can I say??  I love is nice that my daughter and I are the same size....lots to share ...

This is where the magic happens...LOL..This is where I put my face on, curl my with all my makeup :0)

This is me in all sorts of poses...just playing around :)  I am dressed in black...I don't normally dress in all black, but the outfit worked.  I was going on a date with my husband and my very best friend and her husband.  It was a great evening :)
Image may contain: one or more people

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Image may contain: Julieann Papa Gossett

Image may contain: Julieann Papa Gossett

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

This is the week it is..........................

I hope y'all are enjoying this week of summer.  

Can you believe it is already mid June??!!

Time goes by so fast at times.

Someone told me this saying once,
"The days are long, but the years go by fast"
All I could think of at first when I heard this quote, was when I was pregnant...LOL..I am sure you all can relate to that. 
SOOOOO, I took this old brown dresser, painted it white with chalk paint, replaced the gold gaudy hardware with this sweet and simple silver hardware.  I was torn between black or silver.  I like silver...for now...;)

If you look closely, you will see this precious little clock on my #Farmhouse.  I LOVE IT!!!
Isn't it the cutest???!!!

This buffet and clock are in my dining room.  I will show you my dining room in my next vlog if you would like to see it.

I've been videoing each dinner to share with you all, also.  Let me know if you would like to see those things.

Today I ran my 5k and then later, i did my Peloton.  I love my Peloton so much.  My running shoes have been good to me, but I need a new pair...I have made good use of them but they no longer feel like I am running on a cloud...LOL..

I did a Target run today and found two sets of sheet sets for my daughter's bed in her dorm room.  I don't know who is more excited to decorate..her or me..tee hee


Tonight's dinner, which was talked about on my "Menu Plan" post and my youtube channel was a pasta bake,,,here is a picture of was served with rolls and a nice green salad :)
Image may contain: food

I've also been painting more pieces of furniture.

Along with all my errands and projects, we have been enjoying the pool,
We love to go to swimming.

I think I have also got a handle on my laundry this week.  WooHoo!!
I've been staying up late and getting up early.  I need more hours in the day to get all the things done.
Life is good and I thank God everyday for blessing me far much more than I deserve.
I am God's girl..always have been and forever I will be.
I wake up with a prayer and go to sleep with a prayer!

We have found such a lovely church here in Georgia,

Well, cheers to another great day.  I look froward to blogging tomorrow and sharing another vlog.

You all are the best!!
Thank you for visiting my little world on the net

Monday, June 17, 2019

*Menu Plan Monday*

                                                                         Weekly Menu Plan:

In No particular order and it can change at any time--this is just a base!

*(All dinners are served with a fresh green salad and steamed veggies of some sort---I also like to include a starch and a dinner roll of some kind---of course with the exception of certain meals like tacos)

Since Father's Day was Sunday and was hosted by me, I have a lot of left with that said, Monday's dinner was a glorious night of leftovers:

Leftover night
Ham and roasted Chicken
On the chicken I put the "Everything But the Bagel" spices on it.  You can get it at TJ's or Costco
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Beans and greens :)
A fresh green Salad

Big Salad made

Ham was served Father's Day and will be used for leftovers and a casserole and I will use the bone for my next batch of beans.

Potato Salad was made this week.....

Mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy
fresh steamed broccoli
Homemade dinner rolls

Spaghetti Bake
Garlic cheese biscuits

Pork Chops
Mixed Veggies
Dinner rolls

Baked potatoes
Corn on the cobb

One night is family fun night and someone gets to pick where we go :)

Tacos or Nachos
Mexican night

Dinner Roll Recipe

Potato Salad Recipe

Pasta Bake Recipe is courtesy of Paula Deen's....The recipe is fantastic.
My husband says. anything that has cheddar cheese on it, has to be good...LOL

Give my channel a needs some love...LOL

Have a wonderful Day/evening!!

I hope this Menu Plan gave you some ideas and maybe make you think of old favorites.

I will be making "The Very Best Banana Bread" tomorrow morning.

I will definitely share how that comes the mean time, here is the link to the does not disappoint!!

Banana Bread Recipe

It’s coming........#menuplan #menuplanmonday

 I found the picture!!  What do you think?
Menu coming!!
Comment and let me know your menu!!

Me!!  Saying, Hey :)

Sunday, June 16, 2019


I hope you all have had a wonderful and an awesome Father's Day!!
oh, what a great weekend.

I hope you all have been enjoying my vlogs...they are actually a lot of fun on my side...Lol. 

It is amazing how many times things are going on and I just want to pick up my camera and share it all with you.  Let's be real here, I have been sharing my daily life as a wife and mother here for a very long time...over a decade...can you believe that???
I have enjoyed every minute of it too

 We have had some laughs, haven't we?
Oh the memories that are stuffed in this little blog of mine.

I have plans for my blog and and vlogs.
A plan.....yes, I do!!
I am going to keep writing and I want to make more of a plan here....I want to get back to posting my "Menu Plan Mondays"  ......Remembe those?
Then, I will share my plans vlog style...
In my mind I am super organized...LOL...
I also think this is a neat way to connect to other Moms just trying to do their best.
We are all in this together.

I need to tell you all this, too..My daughter, graduated high school with honors and will be going to college in the fall ...this is a very exciting time for her...she will be 18 this month...WOWEE!! 18!!!  That went supper fast!

Well, my beloved

blog.....I will see you tomorrow with my MENU PLAN MONDAY!!

I have to search for my Menu Plan Picture.....How fun :)

Here is a picture of lipstick and big sunglasses as always...LOL.  Somethings never change  TEE HEE!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Waving!!!! Come see VLOG #3

   Let me know what you think, my beloved readers :)


Monday, June 10, 2019

Another New Vlog is up :)......#2

(click on picture)
Welcome once again to a new show on my YouTube channel.  I had a lot of fun recording...LOL  As you can see I am not a professional, but I am a mom and I love my family,
Please let me know if you visisted:)

Happy Monday!
I have a lot in store for this week, so stay tuned and subscribe.
I hope you stay and enjoy my Blog, Vlog style...LOL.

Recipes, Books, Decorating, Cleaning, Pictures of me......Tee Hee!

If you Vlog also, let me know, so I can watch and subscribe to you as well.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

New Vlog is up

Here is a little blog I did VLOG style...I'm learning.....I am so technically challenged....

Wednesday, June 05, 2019


This was really fun to make!  With each new video, I’ll get better.

I’m not very tech savvy, but I sure am having fun doing Let me know if you peeked in on my video. ☺️