Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chicken Wings

When I was at Costco yesterday, along with the salt and pepper grinders--I found chicken wings---my family just loves chicken wings--I do to, but I can't have them right now, the hot sauce is not good while nursing. I don't deprive my family though:) Chicken wings are very hard to find in the grocery store, it seems that all the restaurants buy them out which can be a bit frustrating--but we got the chicken wings before the restaurants did LOL.

Frank's Hot Sauce is a very important ingredient----other hot sauces do not compare--

This is what I do, I foil line a huge pan and rub oil all over the foil, so nothing sticks and very easy cleanup. Can you see the big package of chicken.

This is what the wing looks like--I cut the little nub(the part by my finger) off the wing and then cut the wing in half between the joints

They look like this cut up--I don't use the little nub from the wing Just the two bigger parts.
After all the chicken is cut up I rub some oil on them and cook them in the oven at 375 for about an hour, I check on them every now and then and move them around. While they are cooking I cut up some celery.After about an hour of cooking they are done. I have cooked them longer but then they aren't tender and are kind of tough to eat, so I like them moist and juicy.
I melt some butter and then add the hot sauce and mix it all up in a big bowl

Dipping a few wings at a time
Then place them in a pretty dish--I sometimes line the dish with some romaine or red leaf--but this time I just stayed simple.
Here they are all coated with the hot sauce--if there is any hot sauce left in the other dish, I drizzle it over the chicken
I serve the chicken wings with the celery and ranch dressing---I often make my own ranch dressing too. A lot of people like Blue Cheese Dressing--which I think is sooo yummy, but my family likes Ranch instead, so Ranch is what I serve:)


Carole Burant said...

Yummmm I love chicken wings too but not the hot ones! lol My boys, though, love them hot and that's the exact same sauce I buy when I make the wings for them when they come visit. We do our wings in the Country Cooker outside in the summer time and oh boy, they sure are delish! I've also made them the way you do in the oven. My youngest brother and his family are coming over for lunch on Thursday and I'm planning on serving chicken wings:-) xoxo

Kelli said...

Oh, Phillip loves hot wings, Julieann! Thank you for the recipe!!!
I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my hubby would love to be eating those! :)


Paula said...

My mouth is absolutely watering right now!!! YUM!!!

Jodi said...

((Julieann)) ~ Just starting out with a hug because I feel like I've not popped in for a visit in ages! I read everything you post in bloglines, but I've been a bit behind in commenting lately. Life seems so very full right now!

I saw where your corn prices doubled ~ ack! I hope you find some more good deals before the fresh corn season passes completely.

It was so much fun seeing the pictures of your family. I especially enjoyed the ones of Tony and Baby Kevin. Oh, how he must have missed that baby while he was gone. I cannot believe that cutie pie is four months old! Time does indeed fly!

The views outside your home are just beautiful ... so green and lush. And RAIN ... how blessed; we need it so badly. Hopefully this week we'll get ours! :o)

Your recipes look wonderful, so much so, that I'm going to add chicken wings to this weeks menu. ;o)

Blessings to you and your precious family.


Anonymous said...

hot wings - yum! my family *loves* spicy foods. i'll have to put this on for a supper next week..thanks for the tip!

Julieann said...

Jodi, I totally understand about not being able to comment---sometimes I am reading late at night and everyone is asleep and the house is so quiet--the tapping of my keyboard seems so loud...LOL. Thank you so much for the hug and the visit. Tony was very happy to see his little brother--he calls him *Scooter*...LOL.

I want to thank everyone for leaving such wonderful comments----

Anonymous said...

Why don't you hook yourself up with a little Blue Cheese? Denying yourself everything you like won't make you a better wife/mother. Just a resentful one.

Julieann said...

Ranch or blue cheese, it doesn't really make a difference right now---the things I really want I can not have because I am nursing. The doctor did say I can have Salmon, especially if it is farm raised, he said it was very good brain food for the baby:) I hope I don't become resentful, that is not any way to live, is it?


theups said...

Good gracious!!!! I am practically drooling here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hot and spicy wings! MMMMMM!!!!

Mrs. U