Monday, November 12, 2007

My Day!

Good Morning!! Welcome to my Home.

5:00 Alarm goes off---nurse baby back to sleep. Get up and take shower.

After shower, I moisturize, do my hair--I wash my hair every other day (it is so baby fine, that it helps not to wash it every day)---so on the morning I don't wash it, I just pile it up on my head for the shower----I put mousse in it, and blow it dry and get it real fluffy and clip it in the back to keep it out of my face, or style it what ever I am in the mood for (sometimes I do my hot rollers and add a little curl)--I did laundry all weekend so all my clothes are clean. When I lay in bed, I usually think of this weeks' wardrobe, and what I will be wearing--I have a lot of simple dresses/skirts--feminine and very comfortable--that I usually put on, if it is cold I will put on a sweater with it--I wear dresses about 90 percent of the time--but my husband really likes jeans so I do wear them on occasion. I am currently not putting on makeup--I give the kids so many kisses, lipstick is not a good thing...LOL---I do use chapstick though to keep my lips soft.

At about 6, I wake up Alexis, and as she wakes up, we decide what she would like to eat for breakfast--sometimes it is bacon and eggs and other times it is cereal---I make her breakfast, and her lunch---we pick out her clothes--I wake Tony up at about 6:30--he likes a bagel with cream cheese on school days--he eats it in the car---so a run down on the time--from 5 til 7:10 we are all waking up and getting ready for our day---the baby is usually sleeping, or sitting in his chair in what ever room I am in--if I get a chance I hold him during these activities---or Tony will hold him too--Alexis is too small to hold a very STRONG wiggly baby, but she does help by giving him toys and singing to him.
At 7:10---We are out the door. I live about 2 minutes from both schools--but with the traffic---I have to leave earlier.

I drop Tony off, with lunch money--he eats his bagel on the way--since it takes about 20 minutes to get him to the front of the school.--and then I go to Alexis's school--I park the car and put Baby in stroller and we walk through the school to her lineup--we sing a song and then say the Pledge of Allegiance. We then walk to her class--I am the *Room* mom--so I chat with the teacher a little bit too.

I then leave to go home--if the baby is still asleep when we get home, then I have some time to blog or eat breakfast or both. I have until 2:00 before I go back to pick the kids up--so between 8-2 I try and get some things done. I will bake bread during that time:

I made two loafs this time instead of rolls.
I will also put the dishes from the dishwasher away--and load up any dirty dishes. I vacuum the downstairs every day--the upstairs about three times a week.

Every day I pick a project--on Mondays I will clean all bathrooms, unless I go take my Grandmother shopping--then I will clean them on Tuesdays or Wednesdays---the toilets will always get swishes through the week, regardless--I have a toilet brush in all bathrooms.

Over the weekend I did every stitch of laundry--I try and do it through the week, but sometimes, I fall behind--especially when their is sickness and I have extra laundry to do, bedding, rugs--etc. This is what my table looks like with all the laundry folded. I will be putting all this laundry away today.

...and then of course the baby pretty much lets me know what my morning will be like. If he sleeps a long time, I get a lot done fast--if he isn't tired then we play and cuddle and nurse--and if he is content in his walker, chair or swing or the floor, then I will do housework all the while talking with him and singing songs.

I will sometimes turn into a super whirlwind--and start from the farthest corner of the house and work my way down--seeing how much I can accomplish.

When I do my shopping, I pick up meat for six meals--now that I have an extra refrigerator, I can pick up more meat here and there--but mentally I am making six dinners in my head. I know if I have a roast, the next night will be pulled pork sandwiches or hot beef and gravy depending on the type of roast. If make a chicken--I know the next day will probably be dumplings, etc. Tonight I am making three chicken breasts---they were on sale so I bought quite a few. They are large too--Kevin will get one--and the other two will be split amongst all of us. My pantry is stocked with staples, and I always have veggies, pasta, rice on hand to make side dishes and salads.

At 1:40--I leave my home to pick up Alexis--I don't like the car line--I park my car and put the baby in his stroller and we walk to her classroom---and then we go home, she starts her homework or gets a snack, or watches Mr. Rogers--and then at 2:30 it is time to get Tony--so by 3:00 I AM HOME FOR GOOD! :o)

3:00 is a good time--either Baby Kevin is sleeping or Tony is holding him for me. I prep for dinner, make sure the salad is done and everything is ready to go and be ready in time for dinner. I may tidy up the kitchen, set the table, etc---whatever I *see* that needs attention. Like the other day, I noticed the BIG TV was dusty, so I cleaned it. Last week the light in my dining room was dusty, so I windexed it. Today, I swept all the stairs in my home--(That is MY exercise)...LOL.

I have a Home Notebook--Fly Lady gives great tips on how to start one too--We all know FlyLady--some of us Love her, and some of us don't--but I think we can all admit, she does have some good tips:)

I don't do anything set in stone, ever!!! My schedule and everything I do changes----last year my routine was very different, then what I am doing now. With a baby, spare moments are precious---and I use everyone...LOL.

After dinner which is about 6:30---baths are given--Baby first--he gets one every other day, because of his sensitive skin, I give him one every other day, then it is jammy time and then bed time. Next is Alexis--she bathes, I help her with her hair---she has soooo much of it. Jammy time and story time too(not always). She is in bed by 8:00 My husband goes to bed about that time too--he is a morning person--he is up at 4:00 and out of the house by 5:00. Tony is my late Owl--he is in his room, playing his guitar and doing his homework--and talking on the phone--I have to on occasion tell him to turn the music down--or go to bed...LOL.

When everyone is asleep--is the best time for me to get things done---I clean the kitchen from dinner, and mop the floor--no one is up to walk on it, so it dries nice. I will do a load of laundry, tidy up a room that needs it, do some work on my notebook, do some reading myself---I am in bed at about 11 on average--so I sleep from 11:00 til 5:00---sometimes I get to bed earlier and sometimes I get to bed later--it all depends, but my sleep evens out through the week--some nights I get 9 hours and other nights I get 5---I feel great so I am not worried. I set my coffee pot on its timer so it goes off automatically in the morning. Also, I will pre bag things for Alexis's lunch to make for easier mornings. Like I will buy a bag of goldfish, and pre bag enough for five lunches, the rest is for snacking.

I will detail certain things in some more posts to come, and if any of you have any questions please feel free to ask me here or in an email. Also, PLEASE!!, if you have an encouraging post about being a wife, mother, woman--please share it. I am blessed every day, when I read your blogs--it is so nice to know that there are women just like me, and I can close my eyes and know that I have friends though out the world that bless and pray for me---we have such a strong woman hood here in blogland, lets all bless eachother with what we know:)

*added note---I wrote this up about an average day--somedays are easier and then some days are busier--somedays we have playdates, ballet will be starting up---guitar lessons after Christmas, this is a run down of an *Average* day, it changes all the time--but through it all I manage to run a clean, organized home--and I am showered every day, which is a HUGE accomplishment...LOL.

I am going to put up Mister Linky--so if you have written *A Day In the Life of You* or an *encouraging* post about your life please share it:) No pressure though (Giggle)


Lady of the house said...

I don't have time right now to read about your day; I just wanted to add my post to Mr. Linky. Looking forward to returning!!!

Julieann said...

I so enjoyed reading about your day Lady of the house:)


Heather K said...

HI Julieann..just reading about your day exhausts me!!! You're one busy girl!! Don't know how you do it?!!

Lady of the house said...

Looks like a pleasant and productive day. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Irene said...


I enjoyed reading about your day....but you make me feel guilty! LOL!

I am not sure I would want to list my day in detail, as it may just make me realize how much more I should be doing and how much time I sometimes waste! My main problem is trying to be motivated in the morning. I love using those few quiet minutes before the kids are up in the morning to enjoy my coffee while reading and writing blogs. But then I get a little crazy as the day progresses...I probably should adjust my schedule a bit!

Thanks for sharing!

Myrna said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. It sounds like you ha eit all well under control! Having a baby certainly means that everything can change in a heartbeat. They have a way of inserting excitement when you least expect it!

Mrs Swan said...

Loved your day detail! I have to say you do more in one day than I do in 4 days though. LOL

I re-tried your bread recipe with the correct amount of yeast -heheheh
It still didn't wow me Granted I am bread impaired so let me know if you ever do a post just on bread. LOL I want something that either taste like the frozen loaves (Rhodes i think) or a yummy yeasty bread.

Rose of Sharon said...

You are a busy girl! Your husband is so lucky to have such a hard working wife! I want to participate, but I'll do it when I have more time and can think clear, perhaps the weekend. Please leave it up and I'll do it.

I'm glad you're my blog friend! :0) Sharon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this.


Lori said...

wow! You are one busy lady.
Sounds like everyday is very busy for you. But then again...I feel like I am very busy everyday too.
Hope you get a little R&R time in too.

Cherish the Home said...

Wow, you are a really busy lady! I knew you get a lot accomplished but I didn't realize how much.

I very much enjoyed reading about your day and loved the pictures too! What a blessing you are to your family. (o:


Susan P. said...

I really enjoyed reading about your day, Julieann. Your family is so blessed to have such a hardworking and loving wife and Mama:o)

Kelli said...

I LOVED hearing about your day, Julieann! You always encourage and inspire me! I wish I could stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee and slice of bread with you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us.Nice post to read.Seems you are a busy lady.