Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Goldfish!

Oh, this is just pure happiness for little Kevin--he LOVES goldfish--especially BABY GOLDFISH! I make him scrambled egg yolk, grilled cheese, quesadillas---he loves bananas too. Small curd cottage cheese, cooked veggies--that are soft, like mushrooms, carrots, peas and green beans. He is not too fond of yogurt---and I have bought many different kinds for him to try--he is just not a yogurt kind of guy...LOL. He is turning one on Saturday--and I am having a party for him--I don't have any friends with small babies--so he will be the star of the party. He was also sick for the last couple days----ugh---it started out with a really high fever and then he broke out in a rash---it was Roseola---but he is all better now:) Just in time.

Alexis is having a spring party today, and I am bringing the Popsicles--I got Shrek Swamp Pops--so that should be fun. I have a lot to do for Saturday---I am going to do a big shopping trip tomorrow and start decorating for the party---Balloons and streamers, and happy birthday signs.

Sondra, that is strange about the Elmo cake----I made Alexis her Barbie cake one year, and I just don't have the time to make one this year---so the grocery store is making it, and it was in there book of cakes--so I don't know about any copy right law.

Anyway--what are some snacks your little ones like to eat? Here is a list I compiled years ago when Alexis was a baby---> Oh boy does this bring back memories...LOL

Kid Friendly Snacks (Written about 2002)

I am always being asked what do my kids eat, well here is a little sample inside our

Whole Wheat Rotini
the spireled noodles. Cook them and put a dab of butter and parmesean cheese.

Flour tortillas come in a bunch of flavors. Alexis like the spinach and veggie one just warmed up and rolled. Also make a quesadilla, with a little cheese and warm it in the microwave. I do it that way to avoid the fatty part of frying it.

Homemade French Fries
cut and peel potatoes and cut thin and bake in the oven for how ever long you like them, crispy or a little soft, spray with a lowfat cooking spray, and seaon how you like it, I add a little garlic salt to it:)

Turkey sandwhich
Use a slice of white and a slice of wheat, spread a little mayo on it with a few slices of turkey:) Mustard is a little to tart for her tastebuds right now, and if you want to avoid the mayo, go right a head, it keeps the pieces together when I cut it up

Brocolli Flowerettes
Cut them big enough for them to hold and just nibble off the top. Alexis thouroughly enjoys that.

Cheese and crackers:
Alexis likes saltines and chedder cheese


Peanut butter and jelly
Thinly spread peanut butter to avoid choking, and getting stuck on the roof of your mouth.

French Toast
Make your own and cut into kid friendly strips or buy a box in the freezer section. If it is on sale I will by those:)

Scrambled Eggs
Always a favorite, plain and could probably get away with hiding a few veggies in

Many different flavors, Alexis enjoys the regular, unless Blue is on the package:)

Handheld yougurts, you can freeze them too, yummy!!!

Chicken strips
I like to make my own and my kids loves them, I get the chicken meat and bread it in a little egg and then flour, bake it or fry it.

Macaroni and Cheese
Need I say I buy the box but I also make my own with lots of cheese, even though Alexis is satisfied with just the plain noodles

Orange slices
Cut up into bite size pieces

I buy the already cooked if on sale or fry it myself and cut into bites...even though I don't eat meat, Alexis LOVESSSSSS how can I

Hot dogs
I buy the Jenni-O turkey dogs, and cut them in 1/4....

Dry Cereal
Always have a variety of flavors available, Cheerios, froot loops, kixs, lucky charms....etc..

peeled and sliced into bite size pieces, one of Alexis's favorites:)...and mine!!!

Loves rice(any kind---Jasmine, Basmati, white, instant)...I add a can of mushroom soup, and let it cool and she gobbles it down, plain rice too:)

Sliced or whole, she like to hold it with the skin on...

Rice crispy treats
Alexis is afraid of them, but my son loves them

Pigs in a blanket
Crescent rolls wrapped around little hot dogs, or stuffed with ham and cheese. Alexis just likes the bread too....

Raviolis...great finger food--->Just plain

Tony's All Time Favorite: Probably for older kids though:)
Artichokes steamed and dipped in butter

Make your own, or buy them.

Cucumber Slices:
I skin them and slice them , then cut them in half...I can not believe she loves


vicvic said...

What a wide and varied menu - that's awesome. Mine eat that way, too.

Happy birthday to Kevin! You know, that reminds me, when my first turned one, I had not ever given him sugar. My mother-in-law made a cake decorated with circus animals and frosting. He made the funniest face, and didn't like it at all!

I used to make these awesome muffins for the kids that were sweetened with fruit juice, had carrots, pumpkin, raisins, whole wheat. Aside from bread, that was essentially his exposure to baked goods, so the cake was quite different.

We've since eased up, but that is a funny memory.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Little Kevin is turning one!

As a toddler, Cheerios were always a favorite, raisins. Pretzels. Fruit has always been a favorite of hers.Goldfish crackers.

I removed dairy at 3 years old for medical reasons. She can tolerate it , but still doesn't choose it often.

We had sensory issues with soft foods. She still doesn't like ice cream though loves chewing on ice! Funny.

She is not a sweet eater. The only cookie she likes are oatmeal raisin, the only bagel she loves is cinnamon raisin (see the theme?) She is not a bread eater at all, will pick out inside of sandwiches and leave the bread.

I continue to introduce sweets but she just say yuck. I think thats a good thing.

Have a great day!

Kathi said...

These are wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing them.